What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a natural steroid hormone that is found in much higher concentrations in women than in men. It works beautifully alongside estrogen and other hormones to help with many physiological functions that a woman’s body will perform, including the menstrual cycle, preparing the uterine lining for pregnancy–and the breasts for lactation.

During pregnancy, a woman’s progesterone levels rise and her estrogen levels drop, which suppresses the ovaries and inhibits menstruation. At this time, the breasts begin to build alveoli, which will later aid in lactation.

Progesterone maintains the uterine lining and prevents excess tissue buildup, balances blood sugar and boosts metabolism, acts as a natural diuretic, normalizes blood clotting aids in sleep, ensures good bone health, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even improve the libido. Along with all of these roles, progesterone also  enhances the breasts, and enlarges them through the building of new alveoli.

As a way of balancing progesterone and estrogen levels in their bodies, women are now using this hormone in the inducing or re-lactation process, either by building new alveoli or increasing lactation, and do so with the help of natural progesterone cream.


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