Weeks 19-22

The Nineteenth Week (8/1/16-8/7/16)

Mr. S returned to work on 8/2, just a bit worse for the wear, after a lengthy recuperation period, and we both made it through the day without incident, although he admitted that it was a little difficult to be apart from me–and away from the breast once more. We’d both grown very accustomed to our intimate time together; comfort nursing played a very big role in his recuperation time, and we were both eager to nurse again that night.

I discovered that my breast pump was a reliable resource over the 2 1/2 weeks that S was not well enough to suckle more than once a day. I have been surprised by how well pumping has worked, and that I have not minded the process ; I was not an avid pumper when my children were breastfed, and I suppose this could stem from the fact that they were exclusively nursed around the clock, and pumping wasn’t as necessary to the lactation process as it is under these circumstances. At any rate, my pump has been a lifesaver, and my body has adapted well to the process.

Over the past 2 weeks, I also found that adjusting our nursing times when need arose did not harm my body’s internal clock, or negatively affect my milk supply, which was a true relief. I have to admit, I was worried about seeing a decrease in my lactation levels. But all went well; we stayed within our 2.4 hour window, and nursed as close to our scheduled time as possible  .

On Saturday (8/6) and Sunday (8/7), we resumed our 6-2-11 schedule with any necessary pumpings in between, and it was wonderful.

The Twentieth Week (8/8/16-8/14/16)

This was quite a week! Our daily schedule was perfectly back on track with S nursing at 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. once more.

Because life decided to happen over the course of several weeks, I had made no further plans for our 15th wedding anniversary, which I had been anticipating for months, deciding that S and I would stay in and enjoy a quiet evening for two. Instead, S surprised me with a beautiful little get-away to the Welsh Hills for the day of our anniversary.

We had a beautiful time. I really can’t explain how much we needed that quiet, connecting alone time. It was almost as if we were on our honeymoon again! We were able to easily nurse on schedule, and it was wonderful. I felt so rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated when we returned home, and will have sweet memories of that special time we shared. It has been an amazing 15 years, and I am looking forward to the next 15.

The Twenty-first Week (8/15/16-8/21/16)

It seems that nursing has done so much more in my life than simply help to strengthen my already wonderful marriage to S. Over the week, I have had the chance to meet new people and communicate with them through email, which is a blessing in my life, and have found success in book sales. I am a very fortunate woman who has so much to be grateful for. This is not always an easy lifestyle, and nothing is really ever perfect, but I am creating my idea of perfect and taking charge of my own happiness, and it’s a beautiful place to be. I continue to make plans for the future of Bountiful Fruits, and am hopeful for new projects on the horizon.

My milk supply continues to increase  at a wonderfully steady rate, and I’m so pleased. Being a nursing wife has been one of the most gratifying and fulfilling aspects of my life, and I am continuously reminded of how much I have to be thankful for!

The Twenty-second Week (8/22/16-8/28/16)

This was quite an eventful week! As Mr. S and I continued to nurse every day at 6 and 11, connecting as a couple and boosting my beautiful milk supply, we spent our off-time working on my newest project. We dedicated Friday evening to the children, as we normally do, with board games and music, and decided to spend the weekend filming our new videos and planning a new image gallery. Unfortunately, life happened again.

Our friends called and asked if we could help them move into their new house over the weekend, so we spent Saturday and most of Sunday afternoon  lending a hand so they could get settled in.

This is where learning flexibility and adapting to unexpected circumstances cones in very handy when you are producing non-maternal milk, and my experience will certainly make for an interesting blog post in the future!

On Saturday morning, after glancing at the calendar, I realized that exactly five months had passed since I began my journey into re-lactation and posted my very first blog. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed, and the path that my life has taken. But it has been a fabulous five months, and I look forward to the future with hope–and excitement.


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