Visit Vintage Rose: The Loving Milk Maid’s Guide to Natural Nursing

My brand new breastfeeding site is now live, and I’m so excited to have the chance to share the link here! 😊

About Vintage Rose (from the home page)

Welcome to Vintage Rose Natural Nursing, a warm and comforting place for new-to-nursing parents to come for information, support, and encouragement as they embark on one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives–the journey into breastfeeding.

As the mother of three exclusively (and extensively) breastfed children, I understand the joy and challenges that nursing can bring with it, and I hope to educate and advocate for the timeless practice of feeding our little ones through infancy and beyond as nature has designed by sharing the beauty of breastfeeding.

Remember, breastfeeding is a personal choice; there is no “right”, “wrong”, or “only” way to nurse–there are only options. Whether you seek information on maternal or non-maternal lactation, the process of inducing or re-lactating, or hope to boost, increase, or maintain milk supply regardless of your age or stage of life, this guide will assist you in the art of nursing–safely and naturally.

While Vintage Rose can definitely be useful to adult nursing couples (particularly those who hope to include lactation into their ANR), the site focuses on natural breast milk production, using “green” techniques such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, diet and fitness, and herbal supplements, and includes cooking and DIY recipes using healthy lactogenic foods and other beneficial ingredients that can be purchased economically–or even found in your own kitchen. 🙂 I used many of these methods while pursuing re-lactation, and found GREAT success. Vintage Rose’s nursing blog contains never before released posts, too. (You can even subscribe to my newsletter, From the Rose Garden.)

As always, I’m offering ad-free content to make your visit as enjoyable as possible!

I hope you’ll visit VINTAGE ROSE to learn more!

Happy Wednesday!


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