The V Hold

Also called the scissor grasp, the V Hold is used to support the breast as you are latching your partner prior to nursing. Breast support gives you the ability to control the movement of your breast and easily guide the nipple into your partner’s mouth. It can be used in either the traditional “bulls-eye” or asymmetrical latch. To use this support effectively, you’ll have to be able to spread your fingers very wide to reach far enough behind the areola to be sure that they are not in the way of your partner’s mouth, which can break his latch and disrupt suckling.

To use the V Hold support, your areola will be placed between your index and middle finger. Your thumb and index finger will be on top of your breast and your middle, ring, and little finger will be beneath it.

The V Hold is especially helpful if a woman has small breasts or larger hands. Women with large breasts or small hands may prefer to use the C Hold method of support.

No matter which hold you prefer and find more comfortable, they are a wonderful way to provide additional breast support, particularly when you and your partner are first learning to nurse. As you grow more accustomed to the suckling experience, you may find, over time, that no breast support is required at all.



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