The Nursing Diary: Blogging from Bed (2/21/17)

Well, the past six days have been quite eventful. Last Wednesday, the children came down with a virus, and after spending three days caring for them around the clock,  I found myself under the weather by late Saturday morning. Mr. S took the day off from work yesterday so he could care for me, and this morning is the first day I’ve felt that recuperation is (possibly) on the horizon.

We are very fortunate to be relatively healthy; as a matter of fact, it has been four years since any of us has had any sort of “bug”. I realized, too, that in all of my years as a breastfeeding mother, I have never nursed while ill. This was something that concerned Mr. S; he was worried that nursing would be too uncomfortable for me, but we soon discovered that any effort to skip routine expression and/or nursing sessions would be far more problematic than suckling, particularly since I saw a surge in my supply following vacation, when we were steadily nursing three times a day.

On Saturday, we nursed in the morning, and in between long periods of rest, I only hand expressed at two and eleven. The following morning, I expressed at six and two, and by late afternoon, I was feeling a lot of discomfort. Afraid that I wasn’t effectively removing milk and knowing that engorgement or blocked milk ducts were maladies that I did not need to further complicate my condition, I convinced Mr. S to nurse at 11 p.m.

It was wonderful–and completely eased my discomfort. I found the suckling quite soothing and relaxing, too.

On Monday, we nursed in the morning, I expressed in the afternoon, and we resumed our night-time schedule. Today, I was not up to pumping, so I hand expressed at 2:00, and plan to nurse tonight at bedtime. I hope to be back to my nurse-pump-nurse routine by tomorrow or Thursday. Recovery has been slow, but I’m working at it.

Unfortunately, I have not had much of an appetite since last Friday, and I was worried that the drastic decrease in calories would harm my milk supply, so I have done my best to eat my oatmeal and lots of fresh oranges and pineapple, and have increased my fluid intake. In between nursing, I have taken long naps and rested as much as possible. All is going well.

An interesting fact to note: the sole recipient of my milk has yet to come under this virus’ onslaught, even though a particularly nasty strain of it has also been going around his place of work. Mr. S’ health has been a beautiful reminder of everything wonderful that breast milk can provide to children and adults.

I miss blogging. ☹️ As soon as I am a little better, I’ll be posting with more regularity. There are wonderful things on the horizon…getting there will just take a bit of time.



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