The Flexible 30-Day Nursing Schedule

A common problem that many active nursing couples who hope to induce lactation within their loving ANR face is finding a nursing schedule that they can commit to. This simple schedule is wonderful because it revolves around your busy lifestyle, and is completely customizable. What’s even better is that it will produce results within 30 days with just one dedicated nursing session, and without the need of incorporating herbal supplements or additional pumping sessions.

The key to successful lactation is regularity. For this nursing schedule to work, you really need to make to connect with your partner. There is no better way to induce lactation than with a willing, suckling mouth! Your body will respond beautifully to this schedule, and your breasts will soon understand that the time to make milk has arrived. :) While your partner is doing his job by stimulating the breast with proper suckling, your body will begin doing its job by producing breast milk!

To begin using this schedule, you should first choose a time that works perfectly for you and your partner. Plan this carefully, as this will become your “set time”, the time that your body will adjust to as a means of producing breast milk. Often, the breasts are much more receptive to lactation–and sometimes produce more milk–in the morning, so if you are able to begin each day with a beautifully rejuvenating nursing session, that is fantastic! If not, don’t worry. Remember, this schedule is completely customizable to fit your needs, so select a time that’s convenient for you.

This schedule works perfectly for someone who has not previously lactated as well as for women who have begun the journey of re-lactation. It is also helpful to post-menopausal women, and those who have undergone hysterectomies.

It also allows you to choose your level of lactation, which means that if you decide to become partially lactated, and then later opt to pursue full lactation, you can do so, simply by continuing to follow this schedule and adjusting the number of times you nurse in a 24-hour period.

Another beautiful factor is the 2.4-hour time window that this flexible nursing schedule provides. If you find that you truly aren’t able to nurse at your set time, you will be able to nurse 2.4 hours prior to or 2.4 hours after your regularly scheduled nursing without fear of missing the opportunity to induce.

When using this schedule, you must be sure to nurse 9 out of every 10 days, which means that you will have to nurse 27 times in a 30-day period of time to ensure results.

When Mr. S and I committed to induce lactation, we nursed for the entire 30 days. The example nursing calendar shown below is my actual calendar from April, and although it shows three “free days”, we chose to nurse on those days, too. I would suggest that you and your partner nurse consecutively for the first 30 days without taking a “free day” if at all possible, as the first month is very important to the inducing of lactation.

Another tip to help boost that milk supply is to drink an 8-ounce gl*** of water 15-20 minutes before nursing; you should then drink at least 4 ounces of water following each nursing session to ensure that your body remains well hydrated.

This is the nursing schedule that Mr. S and I have used with incredible results. We have now followed this schedule for three months, and I have reached full lactation. You can personalize it in a way that suits you.

LMM & Mr. S’ Flexible 30-Day Nursing Schedule

Set nursing time: 11:00 p.m.
Earliest time available to nurse: 8:45 p.m.
Latest time available to nurse: 1:15 a.m.

It’s honestly that easy!


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