The Breastfeeding Fairy

Once upon a time there was a woman who shared a very meaningful conversation with one of her friends, a person who perfectly understood her views on the adult nursing relationship, and all that she dreamed of achieving by creating a website called Bountiful Fruits. This friend made her smile with these 12 simple words: “I think people have to understand that you’re not the breastfeeding fairy”…

I remember that conversation well. It still makes me smile. And, during times when I need this reassurance the most, it helps to keep me grounded, centered, and stands as a constant reminder that no, I am not the breastfeeding fairy.

Oh, but if I were! Can you just imagine how much happiness I could spread throughout the world?

(And the costume…that wand…those wings…my goodness!)

When it comes to the adult nursing experience, and making connections with others in the ANR/ABR community, we are all responsible for making our own magic, regardless of how disappointing the end results may be.

And, as difficult as this may be to accept, disappointments can happen. Things just don’t always immediately work out the way we’d hoped. (But that doesn’t mean we give up…it just means that we make adjustments and allowances, and keep trying.)

So, all of this comes from an unfortunate event (which led to me being reported for false advertising) that I awoke to this morning. It was a total bummer, but, hey, what’s a girl to do, right?

Well, if you’re this girl, you either:

  • A. Roll (which I have to do a lot)
  • B. Explain your position

After a lot of consideration, I chose “B”…mostly because I found the “false advertising” accusation really offensive and insulting. Not to mention inaccurate.

Apparently, providing chat, a forum, and the Connections social networking community to site members (who are welcome to access these features 24/7, of their own choosing) constitutes “false advertising” if a member does not make a connection with others within 21 days of joining. 

No. It doesn’t.

Because, unfortunately, reality doesn’t work like that.

For the most part, adult nursing is a very private part of people’s lives. Not everyone is comfortable discussing their desire and/or decision to nurse. The purpose of Bountiful Fruits is to provide adult nursers that luxury of discretion. People come to this ANR community for a vast number of reasons–and not everyone is here to chat, share in group discussions, or find a partner. The chat, our forum, and the Connections community are options provided for site members who wish to participate. I cannot “make” others communicate with you…and I cannot (and will not) be held responsible for others’ decisions on whom they will or will not communicate and interact with while on this site, or any other social network that Bountiful Fruits is affiliated with. Your membership only guarantees access to these options. It does not guarantee an interpersonal connection of any sort. 

I wish it did.

But it doesn’t.

(You can read our updated FAQs and Site Policies page by CLICKING HERE.)

Ahh, now that I’ve cleared that up, I feel fantastic! It’s time for option A now, and that’s just what I’m going to do!

Don’t forget, our Month of Love officially starts on February 5, and we have a lot of things planned for readers and members, including audiocasts, articles on long-distance relationships, inducing, and the Nursing Stories collection, so be sure to stop by!

(Oh, and if I ever do earn my wings, I’ll be sure to sprinkle lots of magic suckling dust your way! 😉 )

Happy Saturday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Breastfeeding Fairy signing off…


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  1. momto5 says:

    Sorry you had to deal with this. Bountiful Fruits and the message boards you offer are the most wonderful ANR areas I have found. I feel sad this person felt this way. Keep doing what you are doing!

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