TCM Acupressure to Benefit the Breasts

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long and colorful history, its origins believed to date back more than 5,000 years. Those who practice TCM believe that all illnesses are brought on by elemental energy imbalance in the body. This energy is a vital life force known as Qi that is said to flow through the body along pathways, or meridians, and regulate our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. The goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments is simply to restore and properly balance Qi, and this is often done with the use of herbal formulas, acupuncture, dietary therapy, acupressure, and body practices such as tai chi and Qi gong.

From the perspective of TCM, it is believed that small or under-developed breasts are caused by a lack of free-flowing Qi, and it is now thought to impede lactation in women who  are struggling to breastfeed. Acupressure and a variety of massage techniques are being administered to new mothers as a means of restoring energy flow and improving the lactation process.

As its name suggests, acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, a practice that involves placing fine needles through the skin at particular points of the body; while applying pressure to these points is crucial, acupressure is performed manually, generally with the thumbs, rather than with needles. The practice is safe and can be performed at home without the aid of a licensed professional.

Although it does not provide the deep stimulation that Chi massage does, or the nipple stimulation offered by the Marmet Technique, acupressure is quick and simple to perform,  and might be beneficial when added to your daily enhancing and/or inducing routine. Below are two breast acupressure points you can try.

Point #1:

To perform this point, you will use your thumbs to apply gentle pressure to the center of your chest. To find this point, it might be helpful to envision two straight lines: one will stretch from one nipple to the other, the second will run vertically down the center of your body. You will apply pressure where the strings intersect. Press this point five times.


Point #2:

To perform this point, you will use your thumbs to apply gentle pressure to the area beneath the breasts. To find this point, simply follow the nipple downward, to the area where the breast connects to the chest wall. Press this point five times on each side.



If you decide to try this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I hope it does wonders for your breasts and your milk supply!

Warm Wednesday wishes to you!



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