Taking the First Steps into the World of ANR: Part III

While it may seem daunting to embark on the unknown journey into the beautiful world of the adult nursing relationship, the experience, while vast and emotionally encompassing, truly can begin in the simplest of ways, by employing the three key elements that every successful ANR requires:

  1. Communication (which you can read about HERE)
  2. Touch (which you can read about HERE)
  3. Time, which we will explore further in today’s post

The world outside of the adult nursing relationship is a busy one, often fraught with chaos and challenges that can make time seem very much like a precious commodity. Within the realm of the beautiful adult nursing relationship, time stands still and the outside world remains at rest. It is a magnificent place that two loving people create for themselves, a place that belongs only to them, where they are free to roam and revere and receive respite from reality as they share the most intimate of unbreakable bonds.

Finding the time to share the adult nursing experience isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It is a simple matter of prioritizing, and the willingness to make time to connect. Consider the incidentals in your life, those little insignificants that seem to have a terrible habit of taking center stage in your existence. If there is time for technology and social media, and television, then there is time for your partner. And there is no place more warm or welcoming as the one you will find in the circle of their arms.

The adult nursing relationship is a selfless and generous one. It holds great emotional responsibility, as you both work together in a committed partnership to fulfill and sustain the needs of the other. In the true, dedicated ANR, your partner’s desires will often take precedence over your own, and this is why the relationship is such a bountiful and giving one. Many nursing couples find deep gratification in pleasing their partner.

Often, nursing sessions will revolve around a pre-existing schedule, which can actually be quite beneficial, and can even aid in the induction of lactation, if this is something you eventually hope to achieve within your personal ANR. You might consider early morning (which is a wonderful way to start a new day) or night-time (which is a lovely way to relax and unwind after a busy day) nursing sessions. Discuss this with your partner, and commit to a time that works perfectly for both of you. The adult nursing relationship is flexible, which means that you will have time for it if you make time for it! Be open to the beautiful possibilities, and enjoy what comes from them.

Surprisingly, the act of suckling is not always immediately present when a couple chooses to open a loving ANR. Every nursing relationship evolves in its own sweet time, so be sure to enjoy every moment of the experience. It is wonderful to explore the world of the adult nursing relationship, but it is perfection to explore it as a couple.

Remember the three most important elements within the relationship:

  1. Communication: Talk to your partner, not just about ANR, but about everything. Conversation is a wonderful way to build intimacy.
  2. Touch: Hold your partner’s hand, stroke his hair, caress her cheek; your influential touch will begin the beautiful bonding process.
  3. Time: Set the incidentals aside for your partner. Make him or her feel that they take priority and precedence in your life. Nothing could be more precious or valuable than spending a few blissful moments with the person you love.

And if you employ all of these techniques together, you may find not only the beginning of a beautiful nursing relationship, but a beautiful addition to your foundation relationship, too.

The journey of your own ANR may be a long one, but the time it takes to reach your destination holds very little importance. The most beautiful part of any trip is pausing to gaze at the exquisite view and enjoying the amazing sights along the way.

Happy Wednesday!