Taking the First Steps into the World of ANR: Part II

There truly is so much more to the opening of a dedicated nursing relationship than simply taking your partner to your giving breast, or learning the best ways to produce a large supply of breast milk. Those are two wonderful elements within every successful ANR, of course, but they aren’t always foremost–and they sometimes appear much later along the path that leads you along the way, particularly if you and your loving partner haven’t yet stepped onto a middle ground within the lifestyle that is satisfying to both of you. It takes a great deal of time–and patience–to cultivate something as beautiful as the adult nursing relationship.

The long-term dedicated ANR is very much like a rare and exotic flower that is started from a tiny seed within the garden of the life you share with your partner. Part of the joy in tending to that fragile seedling is nurturing it together, and watching it grow into something spectacular that you both will enjoy for many years to come.

If you’ve read TAKING THE FIRST STEPS INTO THE WORLD OF THE ADULT NURSING RELATIONSHIP: PART I, then you’ll remember that communication is the first step you’ll need to take when presenting your desires to a potential nursing partner, but where can you go from there?

As I’ve re-opened my own long-term nursing relationship with the love of my life, I’ve learned so much, and each new discovery has been an amazing blessing to our relationship. Secretly, deep down, I feel that many people search for deeper answers regarding their own desire to nurse. S and I uncovered our own private longings many years ago, but I don’t think that those personal needs have sustained our long-term ANR. As I’ve delved further into the mystique of the nursing relationship, I have discovered the power of touch.

And I have become enamored with the realization that touch plays such a key role within every successful ANR, and can explain why two people would be drawn together in such a close and intimate way. The power of touch simplifies so much that once seemed mysterious and unexplainable, but what lends to the magic of this simple technique?


Oxytocin is a fascinating hormone, released by the pituitary gland. It derives from the Greek language and means “quick birth”. During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases large quantities of oxytocin that prepares her body for labor and childbirth. This hormone plays a large part in breast milk production and flow, aiding in the let-down reflex that allows a woman’s milk ducts to release milk from the breasts and through the nipples. Because of these facts, oxytocin is often incorrectly  classified as a feminine hormone. The truth is, females and males release this hormone. It is not gender specific.

Researchers have conducted several studies on oxytocin, which is now believed to be the only hormone released by the pituitary gland that provides a positive feedback loop. Oxytocin has now been dubbed the cuddle chemical and hug hormone. Not only does it play a key role in human sexual response, it is believed to be vital in social recognition even as it acts as a natural anti-depressant to lift the mood and spirit.

Oxytocin is a bonding agent that can bring two people closely together, and is believed to build trust and lend to generosity while eliminating fear. And it is released in the simplest of ways; the touch of a hand, a platonic hug, a gentle caress all aid in the release of this magical cuddle chemical.

And what is even more fascinating about this?

Research now shows that touch is influential.

When opening a dedicated ANR with your partner, be sure to incorporate the power of your touch, and allow him or her to reciprocate. Intimacy and bonding do not have to stem merely from the physical  act of suckling. You can begin your personal journey into the world of the adult nursing relationship by holding hands or surprising your partner with an unexpected caress or gentle back rub to experience the “feel good” sensations brought about by the release of oxytocin. And be sure to include that powerful and influential touch as you openly communicate about the beauty of the adult nursing relationship. Skin to skin contact is a wonderful way to share an intensely emotional connection that may lead to a truly glorious nursing session.

Welcome each giving touch.

Allow your partner to fall in love with you before they fall in love with nursing.

Because there is so much to explore along this beautiful path of learning and discovery, I’ll continue this discussion tomorrow with “Making Time to Connect”.

I wish you the best in your nursing endeavors! Enjoy your partner, and the beauty that is to come.

Happy Tuesday!