Taking the First Steps into the World of ANR: Part I

Although I normally reserve Monday as the day to post fresh interviews and nursing diary updates, I was inspired to write this article. Recently, a very important question regarding the world of the adult nursing relationship has been brought to my attention on several occasions, and because it seems to be of great interest to many women as of late, I decided to explore the inquiry further, and share some thoughts, and, perhaps, hopefully, a bit of helpful advice with others who wish to experience the joyful intimacy the dedicated nursing relationship can bring to their existing partnerships.

I want to begin an ANR with my husband…but where do I start?

Close your eyes for a moment, and envision yourself standing in a beautiful field of green on a clear summer day. Among the tall grass grows clusters of bright wildflowers, their petals wafting in the light breeze. A winding path has been cut through that field of flowers, and it seems to stretch endlessly before you, but if you gaze far enough into the horizon, where the sun glides among the drifting clouds, you can see a sloping knoll where something awaits you on the other side. Although you’re unsure of what is there, your heart assures you that it is something beautiful. You are drawn to discovery, so you step carefully onto that path, and you begin to move forward, one cautious, but eager step at a time.

Without realizing, you have begun your journey into the world of the adult nursing relationship.

For some, this is precisely what the lifestyle is, an incredible exploration of one’s self, and one’s partner, that may lead a couple to an extraordinarily beautiful plane of self-discovery that not only reveals hidden truths about themselves, but their loving foundation relationship as well. It may seem simple to begin an adult nursing relationship with the person you love, but for many people, it isn’t as easy as merely putting their partner to the breast.

ANRs are unique relationships, as personal and distinct as any relationship shared by two dedicated and committed people. The nursing relationship can be as complex, or as simple, as you wish to make it because it belongs only to you, and there is no right or wrong way to embark on this exquisite journey. You never need to feel that you have to question (or explain) the reason behind your desire to indulge in such a beautiful relationship; simply embrace your desire and enjoy every moment of the experience, understanding that it can be a perfectly natural, normal, and healthy part of your life.

To begin a dedicated ANR with your partner, you first need to find your voice–and use it to open the conversation about adult nursing. Communication is vital, not only in the beginning, but throughout the entirety of the relationship. Before the act of suckling has even begun, you and your partner will begin the journey of intimacy simply by discussing your thoughts, feelings, and desires, and this is a beautiful part of any relationship. Upon opening those wonderful lines of communication, be prepared. Although it might be helpful to have information and resources available to share with your partner, know what is in your heart. No relationship is based–or built–on statistics, and, in truth, the number of other nursing couples who are out there isn’t important. During your initial discussion, and within the subsequent relationship that may stem from that conversation, the feelings and emotions of only one couple matter. Never feel pressured to compare your relationship with anyone else’s. There are only two things that are identical in every adult nursing relationship–a pair of breasts and a willing mouth. And as unbelievable as this may seem, those elements are mere incidentals within the relationship.

The true, dedicated adult nursing relationship is immensely emotional, and for some couples, expressing their inner feelings is challenging. It’s never easy to expose your heart to another person, and, in essence, when you choose to share your desire for a nursing relationship, this is precisely what you’re doing. Every heart holds many rooms, rooms secured by doors, and opening them to another human being and allowing them to glimpse inside takes a great deal of faith–and trust. Always remember that love knows no boundaries or limitations. Even if your partner doesn’t initially understand your desire for a nursing relationship, remain focused on the discussion. Be open and honest. You can express your longing in the simplest of ways. Eloquence is not necessary to terrific communication. Simply remain true to yourself in an open and honest way. And allow your partner to be honest, too. Remember, two people who enjoy one relationship together may choose to nurse for very different reasons–and that is okay. As long as you share a common connection and the relationship is mutually pleasing, each of you can individualize and personalize the experience.

Will that first conversation lead to that first nursing session?

It certainly could–and isn’t that a beautifully intriguing possibility?

Until you’re willing to express your desire for a loving adult nursing relationship, your hope of sharing such an exquisite experience with your partner will never be completely realized, but it certainly doesn’t have to remain an unattainable dream.

Begin your journey into the beautiful world of the adult nursing relationship with communication.

Beautiful things can arise from a simple conversation.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Tomorrow, I’ll be exploring this topic further with “The Power of Touch”.

Happy Monday!