Site Policies and FAQs (Updated 12/15/17)

When I first launched Bountiful Fruits in March of 2016, I never wanted to become one of “those site admins”…you know the ones I’m referring to, those “elitists” with all of their austere rules and regulations. When your cute little blog blossoms into a beautiful “real” website with a lot of content, new daily subscribers, and paying members, you sort of find yourself, out of necessity, turning into one of those site admins…and you understand the importance of this, even if you don’t really like it.

I’ve learned so much along the way–including the fact that, no matter how hard you try to prevent them, little glitches and hiccups happen, and the best you can do is try to resolve them as quickly and effectively as you possibly can (and hope that people will forgive your humanity.) Now that I think about it, running a website is a lot like raising children: they aren’t perfect, sometimes, they act up, and it becomes the admin/parent’s job to guide them back on the right track. Like any new parent, a newbie site admin isn’t always certain about how to do this; we have to figure it out, send some emails, make some phone calls…and this can take time.

I truly love Bountiful Fruits, but she is far from perfect. I’ve done a lot of deliberating over the past month, hoping to find a way to ensure a smooth and seamless site experience for both existing and future subscribers and members as well as our guests. I hope to begin making these transitions after the new year so our ANR community can bloom into everything I believe it can be.

This was never supposed to be “all business”, but due to a couple of recent and unfortunate turns of events, I realize once more that there has to be some business involved, and the time has come to update our site policies and FAQs, which will now remain posted on the welcome page rather than beneath our info link. I guess you can think of this as the “not-so-fun, not-so-fine” fine print.

But before I launch into all of that, here are two things I would like you to know about me:

  1. I am here to help you.

If you ever find yourself faced with an issue regarding your account or membership, please do not file a complaint with PayPal before you contact me. It is impossible for me to realize that you’re having technical issues if you don’t let me know. I have worked diligently over the past 2 years to provide the best support I possibly can to my guests, subscribers, and site members, and I take your questions and concerns very seriously. My contact info is completely accessible, and you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +. Give me a chance to work with you–and a bit of time to respond to you.

I am not here to:

A. Scam you out of your money

I don’t know anyone who has devoted approximately 15 thousand hours of their life just to scam someone. (Do people actually do that? Wow!) I won’t take your money and run, I promise. I’m here. I’ve been here since March 27, 2016, and I have no imminent plans to leave. (Unless some weird Star Trek thing happens and I’m sort of magically teleported to another dimension against my will. Then, you should definitely contact PayPal, and, if you would, the authorities, too, please, because I probably need your help. 😉 )

B. Provide services I do not deliver

2,000 pages of content speaks for itself. (Enough said)

2. I fly solo.

Bountiful Fruits is something of a one-woman show. Unfortunately, as much as I wish I did, I don’t have a tech support team or an around-the-clock customer service department (#futuresquadgoals). I’m just me. I’m human, and sometimes, I make mistakes, or things accidentally slip through the cracks. I’m a wife and mother first and a blogger second. This means I’m not always online, and this also means that I can’t always answer emails right away. (Sometimes, I can…it just depends on whether or not I happen to be checking my mail when your message comes through).

At one point, my policy was to be available at all times, unless I was nursing or sleeping, but, as time has gone by, I’ve had to change that. My normal “working hours” are now Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. I check my email every hour throughout the day, but am no longer able to do so after 5:00. Our weekends are exceptionally busy, and I am rarely online on Saturdays and Sundays. But I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.



If you decide to purchase a one-year membership to Bountiful Fruits, you will be automatically directed to PayPal. You will be making a one-time payment; you will never be charged on a recurring basis. This one-time payment allows you to access all members-only content, including some ebooks and all future content that will be uploaded to the site. This also allows you access to audio-casts, chat, our forum, and the Connections social networking community.


When creating your username and password, you will need to register your account using your PayPal email address. If you try to register using a different email address, the site will not recognize you as a subscribed member.


Once you’ve purchased a membership, you’ll receive a registration email. To create your account, you’ll need to click the link within this email. If you don’t, when attempting to login, you may get an error message stating that you cannot be identified by the site, or that your username and/or password doesn’t exist or match records. Sometimes, these registration emails are sent to SPAM folders and can be easily overlooked. If you’ve purchased a membership and haven’t received a registration email, you can let me know, and I will send you a new link.

I do my best to check my email and members dashboard as frequently as possible, but it may take me a bit of time to manually send a new registration link.  I try to do this within 1-2 hours of receiving a request, and I always send new link(s) to the registered email PayPal has on file…and I may send it a lot…until you click on it. This is just to be sure that you’re able to access your account at your earliest convenience.


Every so often, I may temporarily remove content that I want to edit or revise. As soon as any revisions are complete, the content is restored and becomes immediately available to members once more. (I do this as infrequently as possible to prevent inconvenience to site members.) If you click on a link and receive a message stating that “this content is not available” (or even a prompt to join or login, even if you have already joined or logged in), this is happening simply because the content has either been temporarily removed, or has not yet been uploaded to the site.

Some blog posts are now archived at the end of every month; others will remain free to site visitors. If you prefer not to join Bountiful Fruits, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the “free features” our site has to offer!


Accounts are not automatically renewed, and you can cancel your membership at any time, but due to the nature of the site’s content, refunds, either partial or in full, cannot and will not be issued. Thank you for your understanding!


Because we hope to ensure the comfort, safety, and pleasure of all visitors who come to participate in the “Bountiful Fruits Experience”,  we now ask our guests and members to carefully observe our site’s new guidelines.


ABSOLUTELY NO sexual nudity or pornography of ANY kind is allowed on this site. Users who post, share, and/or embed nude and/or pornographic images or videos anywhere on the site, including our forum, chat, and/or Connections community will be immediately removed and all membership privileges revoked without refund.


At this time, Bountiful Fruits, its forum and Connections community, are 100% ad-free. You may not use this site as an advertising or marketing platform in any way. Refusing to follow this guideline may result in a permanent site ban.


It’s difficult to come up with original written content, especially when you have the hope of becoming a successful niche blogger. In the past, my original work has appeared without credit on new blogs and ANR forums. Writers honestly do not like it when others infringe upon their creative work(s). Because of this, Bountiful Fruits’ content has now been secured (or, in some cases, is in the process of being secured) through a copyright registry database. Unless otherwise noted, all content (written, digital, audio, images, and video) found within this site, including the forum and Connections community, belongs solely to me, Jennifer Elisabeth Maiden, and may not be reproduced, reprinted, or redistributed in any way, without my sole written permission. This has stemmed from the fact that other bloggers did not feel the need to show enough common courtesy to either credit me or link back to the site. Please observe the copyright laws of this site.


The forum will soon offer an image exchange board, which is a great place to share photos and videos. Pornography and/or sexual nudity is not allowed. Moderators have the right to report and mute members and/or delete graphic or offensive content.


When choosing a profile picture for our forum, chat, or Connections community, please use good judgment. We do not allow breast and/or cleavage only images, or any other parts-of-the-anatomy shots. If you don’t feel comfortable uploading a photo, we understand. Your privacy is important to us! Profile pics are not a “rule” here. 🙂


We do not allow public use of profanity on this site. Boob or boobs is NOT considered profanity here, but exercise good judgment when using the “B-word”, as some members do not like the use of euphemisms in regard to the female anatomy.


When selecting a user name, please use your own judgment; we do not allow user names that include profanity, words to describe body parts, or the insinuation of a particular lifestyle choice (such as references to the BDSM or Adult Baby lifestyles.) While these lifestyles may be right for you, and we respect that, they are not right for everyone, so please be respectful of others.

  • FORUM:

Feel free to post a new thread in the forum, and please join in on the conversation! 🙂 When replying to topics, avoid profanity or rude and disparaging comments. Remember the old adage: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  Links, photos, and/or videos embedded within forum posts MAY NOT include sexual nudity or pornography of any sort. Moderators have the right to report and/or delete posts deemed inappropriate.

The forum is private, and can only be accessed by members. We hope this ensures a wonderful experience for everyone.


Site rules apply to chat, private messages, and the Connections community. Please do not send unsolicited photos to other users. Abuse and harassment of others is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

However, what consenting adults do privately is up to their own discretion, so have fun!


Please do not share offensive fiction, poetry, art work, memes, and/or other content on this site, in chat, on our forum, or within the Connections community.

What do we deem offensive?

Disrespectful and/or disparaging language and/or images geared toward another person’s race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, personal belief system, appearance, and/or disability. We are a world comprised of many diverse cultures, and everyone is welcome here, and deserves the chance to enjoy a safe and harmonious environment.

Refusing to accept our terms and conditions may lead to the termination of your membership. Upon termination, there will be absolutely NO refunds.

The nursing experience is a very unique and personal one, and because the lifestyle is viewed in so many ways, we understand that this site may not be “right” for you. If it is, we warmly welcome you, and look forward to getting to know you!


  • Why is there a membership fee?

Membership fees help to defer the costs associated with running a website. Mr. S and I do our very best to provide the best ad-free content we possibly can to our visitors, and we rely on membership subscriptions (and the “tip jar”) to make this possible. This fee also helps to ensure that the people who come here want to be here for the “right” reasons (or, in layman’s terms, a mean-spirited person may decide to harass a nurser for free, but they typically won’t pay to do so). If you prefer not to pay for a membership, you’ll find several free features on Bountiful Fruits. Please enjoy them. 🙂

  • Do I have to be into ANR to join?

No, you are welcome to join us even if you are not involved in the world of adult nursing. There is a general discussion topic on our forum, and you can place a non-ANR personal ad on the Connections community if you’d like. However, it’s important to remember that most of our members will probably be interested in the experience in some form or another, and come here as a way to freely express their adult nursing desires.

  • How old do I have to be to join?

Because this is a meeting place for mature and responsible adults who recognize and understand the beauty of the adult nursing relationship, and come to discuss the aspects of the lifestyle, we ask that members be 18 or over before joining Bountiful Fruits.

  • Do I have to be a Christian to join?

No, everyone is welcome here. We do not discriminate against or judge others in any way. We welcome people of all ages and walks of life without question. We only ask that our members extend respect and common courtesy to one another at all times to ensure that everyone who comes here has a pleasant and comfortable experience.

  • Why is this site moderated?

Mr. S and I have very specific views on the adult nursing lifestyle, and work diligently to ensure the very healthy and “normal” aspects of the suckling experience. Because people view ANR in very different lights, we keep an eye on Bountiful Fruits to ensure that everyone has a warm and welcoming place to convene.

  • I read that memberships are not automatically renewed, but my PayPal receipt is showing a recurring payment message.

Memberships are not automatically renewed, and there is no obligation to re-subscribe at any time. When the “Join” button was initially configured, PayPal and I “overlooked” the little “one billing cycle” check box element. The site has been contacted, the button re-configured, and all should be running more smoothly now. If you purchase a membership and notice a recurring payment message, please let me know, so I can fix this for you.

  • I noticed that you offer two of your books as free downloads to members. Thank you! Will you be offering Enter Book Title Here as a free download, too?

This depends. The books that are currently listed under our “Downloads” link on the main menu will remain free. Some books may become available as free downloads in the future, after they’ve spent some time in the Kindle store, others may be immediately available. It really depends on their content.

  • Do you have a P.O. box?

Nope, not yet. 🙂 This is something I’ve considered after the new year.

  • Do you allow guest posts? I would like to submit an article.

Yes! 🙂 I love them! Guest posts are always welcome.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to:



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