Q & A: Will a Nursing Partner Improve My Chance of Lactation?

I have been interested in the idea of producing breast milk for quite some time, and am currently in the process of inducing lactation with the intention of someday opening an ANR. (I am taking Domperidone, which can be easily obtained in my home country, but have seen no results thus far.)   Do you think I would improve my chance of lactation if I were able to find a partner who would suck my nipples on a regular basis? Thank you.

This is a very good question often asked by others who hope to induce lactation, and I hope my answer will be of help.

While they can aid in the milk-making process, in most cases, prescription medications and/or herbal supplements will not bring about lactation on their own; they require additional form(s) of deep breast stimulation to be completely effective.

The best way to induce lactation is through routine nursing sessions with a willing and committed partner, but it’s very important to understand that these sessions involve suckling, which is deep stimulation of the areolae and surrounding breast tissue,  rather than oral massage of the nipples, which we are very accustomed to during more traditional forms of sexual gratification. While sucking at the nipples may feel very erotic and pleasurable, it will not help to produce breast milk. If you choose to secure a nursing partner, be sure he understands how to properly latch and correctly suckle to improve your chance of inducing.

Until you find a suitable partner, there are many ways to induce lactation on your own, too. You can use a good quality breast pump to provide proper stimulation, or use a variety of manual massage techniques such as Chi or the Marmet Technique, either with or without essential oils, to encourage milk production and flow.

I wish you all the best!




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