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Several months ago, I was approached by my dear friend, certified herbalist Elaine Robinson, who has been a tremendous help to me during the writing process of several of my books (including A Fountain of Gardens and the upcoming Anointed Beauty) as well as a staunch supporter of Bountiful Fruits and ANR advocacy, who asked if I would like to collaborate with her on a fabulous natural beauty project geared specifically toward breastfeeding women. Because this was such a unique concept, I was eager to give the project a try–and began to consider the possibility of creating items that could benefit the adult nursing woman (and those interested in natural breast enhancement) as well as breastfeeding mothers, and, together, she and I devised a small selection of Loving Milk Maid’s Natural Nursing Products™!

We launched these on a limited and very small scale in the fall of 2017, and began to offer these products on my natural nursing website, Vintage Rose, and locally in our areas of Ohio. Beginning in the spring, throughout the summer and fall, and into mid-December of 2018, this collection will be displayed at several artisan markets, craft fairs, and handcrafted trade shows. The support of small businesses means so much to the owners, and each sale is monumental! Loving Milk Maid’s Natural Nursing Products™ have now reached women across the United States, and are currently being offered in Bountiful Fruits’ online shop, The Rose Boutique.

What makes these products so unique?

Each item in my natural nursing collection is known for its specific enhancing, estrogenic, and/or lactogenic properties, and is crafted through a cold process to preserve the therapeutic properties of the ingredients used in creating it, and the final product’s shelf stability using the finest and purest herbs, flowers, and oils available. Many are garden grown and dried and extracted by hand. As their name suggests, these products are 100 percent natural, contain no artificial scents, perfumes, dyes, chemicals, additives, or preservatives, and are vegan and cruelty-free!

Because of my customers’ generous support and their enthusiasm for this product line, I’m now able to offer the Loving Milk Maid’s Natural Nursing Box Collection™.

What is a Natural Nursing Box?

These beautiful boxes are filled with a unique assortment of 5 Loving Milk Maid Natural Nursing Products, and include everything a nursing woman needs: from bath bars and lotions, butters and balms, to creams and essential oils, allowing you to sample a little bit of luxury every time you order.

Each month of 2018 will feature a specific box theme, which means you’ll be able to choose products that are perfect for you and your unique nursing needs. Each collection includes a limited number of boxes, and is available while supplies last, and can be pre-ordered one month in advance, which reserves your box and guarantees its availability.  Collection shipping dates will be included in individual product listings.

If you have any questions about these products, please let me know!

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