One Woman’s Journey from Natural Breast Enhancement into Lactation: Carolbrigid’s Story

I had the privilege of meeting Carolbrigid when she first contacted me through Bountiful Fruits. We have now shared many warm conversations, celebrated one another’s lactation success, and have had the opportunity to openly discuss both the joys–and the challenges–often found within the dedicated adult nursing relationship. She has become a wonderful and very dear new friend, and a blessing in my life. 

During one of our chats, we began to discuss natural breast enhancement, a subject that we are both very passionate about, and I found it fascinating to know that Carolbrigid had made the “NBE to Lactation Connection”, and was able to begin her own journey into re-lactation by employing the same techniques used to enhance the overall health and beauty of the breasts.

I was so excited when she graciously agreed to share her story with others. She is a true inspiration to me–and I know she will be to you, too!

Loving Milk Maid


Carolbrigid is a vibrant and youthful 63-year-old woman who began to explore the idea of using natural breast enhancement techniques about a year ago, and even though she and her partner were sharing a beautiful and fulfilling dry nursing relationship, she did not realize that her journey into NBE would lead to the land of lactation.

After researching the subject of natural breast enhancement, Carolbrigid began performing Chi massage twice a day, using the essential oils found in Greenbush’s breast enhancing kit, accompanied by areola massage and daily oral herbal supplements. 

“Because everyone was raving about the benefits of flax seed oil, I began to apply it over the enhancement oil blend I was using during my NBE routine,” said Carolbrigid. “I tried to massage for 10 minutes, or 360 circles, every night before bed, and then performed Chi in the morning, usually with no oil, while in the shower.”

Although there were no initial signs of lactation, after about four months of performing her NBE routine, she did begin to see a change in her breasts, one that she describes as “noticeable”.

“The funny thing is, I was doing these natural breast enhancement things only to increase my breast size a bit. The thought of lactation did not cross my mind at the time; it was not my goal or intent. Honestly, when you get older, gravity takes its toll, and, unfortunately, your breasts get a deflated and saggy look. I experienced gradual breast changes over the years and lost all sensation in my nipples. Now, I have total sensation, and it is just the best feeling!”

A month ago, after doing research on galactagogues and massage, Carolbrigid decided that she would like to pursue the option of incorporating lactation into her ANR. “While on the internet, I came across Bountiful Fruits, and after reading, it dawned on me that, unknowingly, by performing massage and using galactagogues, I had already primed my breasts for lactation. It had been 31 years since I’d breastfed my son, so I didn’t know if re-lactation would even be a possibility, but after discussing the idea with my boyfriend, and realizing that I really wanted to breastfeed him, I decided to begin my re-lactation journey.”

She did this by utilizing her regular NBE massage routine, alternating the use of effective, proper suckling, TENS unit stimulation, and breast pumping. Along with these traditional inducing methods, Carolbrigid is now adding 1-2 tablespoons of ground flax seed to her daily diet, drinking three cups of Mother’s Milk tea, and taking one Fenugreek capsule and two Blessed Thistle supplements a day. She is also learning more about clean green lactation, and has eliminated many of the oils and supplements that were once a part of her daily NBE routine because, she says, “I have now found a better way of naturally enhancing my breasts!”

Carolbrigid has been on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for almost two years. This involves the implantation of two combination estradiol and testosterone pellets inserted in the hip every 4-5 months as well as a daily progesterone pill, and like many women who are currently undergoing HRT, she did worry that including estrogenic supplements into her re-lactation routine would negatively affect her hormone levels. “The doctors do check my levels at least two or three times per year, and my tests always come back showing normal levels, within the range they are supposed to be, so unless this changes, I plan to continue taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.”

After a month of pursuing re-lactation, in which she has recently begun to produce colostrum that she hopes will soon become proper milk, Carolbrigid has not only learned that the transition from natural breast enhancement to inducing can be a simple one, but has uncovered the joy within the journey.

“It is wonderful to be able to give my boyfriend milk. It is so beautiful and feminine, womanly and sensual. If you really want to try to induce lactation, do not let being “older” hinder your attempt. I think the BHRT gives me a little advantage, but even if I wasn’t on this therapy, I would do whatever it is I need to do to induce lactation.”



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