My Complete Lactation Journey: The Second Month Posted on the Bountiful Fruits ANR Forum

The entry chronicling the second month of my lactation journey (April 27, 2016-May 27, 2016) has been posted to the Bountiful Fruits ANR forum. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them to the thread or message me. 😊

This post series has been a lot of fun to write–and it allows me to re-visit those magical moments that Mr. S and I shared when our adult nursing relationship and journey into lactation was new and fresh. This has truly been one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences that we have come through as a married couple, and I can’t imagine sharing this adventure with anyone other than my beloved Mr. S. ❤️

Thank you for sharing in our journey! I wish you smooth travels and much happiness as you  take those first steps into the sweet Land of Lactation!

Warm wishes to you!

Loving Milk Maid


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