These heartfelt messages have made me smile and brightened my day, and are shred to show my gratitude, and to inspire others.

Hello Jennifer and happy blessed Tuesday evening.
I wanted to thank you for the vast amount of knowledge and information you’ve written then shared about the subject of ANR.
My beautiful wife and I have been actively pursing a ANR together and have been reading your fantastic blogs.   We both look forward to our close special time with each other.  What a great experience for loving couples.
Peace be with you always.


Hello! I am so happy to have come across your page. My husband and I are both so thrilled to have discovered we both want an ANR relationship. We’ll be married 15 years next month and this just adds that extra spark 🙂


Hi, Jennifer: What a wonderful website you have!  I look forward to listening to your recordings and getting to learn more about ANR/ABF, though it won’t be happening in my relationship. Warm regards, Bob/61/Calif

I just wanted to thank you for being so open about your life and ANR journey. My husband and I have just started our journey and your site has been a real blessing. You answered so many of our questions and have given us hope that we can make this happen. J.M., St. Clair, Missouri

Just wanted to celebrate with you, both in your ANR journey and successes as well as your site here… I hope it is going well and bringing you all that you had hoped it might. Openness and willingness to have sincere conversations about this beautiful and amazing lifestyle is something that I believe would help relationships and intimacy between partners as a whole… the stigma and being shunned as a fetish or form of kink is beyond foolish to me. Thank you for being you, being open, and doing what is right for you!


Just such a wonderful blog. Thank you very much. You capture just so much of the healthy and “normal” aspects of ANR. You have such a feminine and gentle spirit…


You are truly a blessing. Your beautiful blog has helped us so much in our marriage! You are a gifted and compassionate writer. God bless.


You are a safe sounding board for those of us who need it.–Anonymous

You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

—Cherry Pepper

Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and for allowing us all a small glimpse into the truly special relationship you and your husband have forged. I cannot express in words how much my heart swells when I read about the bond between the two of you. Your posts warm my heart and give me hope that a loving ANR is in my future. Please keep sharing your beautiful story with us!


 The site and the information you provide is amazing. We can’t thank you enough for bringing the information to light and providing a knowledgeable safe resource.


 Your site has meant the world to me and my husband. We felt so alone and didn’t even know there was a term for all this. We kinda felt lost and didn’t know where to go from the fact that we just liked nursing. After research we finally found you and finally found a couple that feels about ANR the way we do. Now we have a better understanding and can grasp how to fully start living an ANR life together. –K

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