March Articles

March was Natural Breast Enhancement month on Bountiful Fruits, and we ushered in spring with tips on performing various massage techniques and explored the benefits of using essential oils to encourage those breasts to really bloom!

You can click on the links listed below to read last month’s articles.


Blog Posts:

The Connection Between Natural Breast Enhancement and Lactation

Conquering the Fear of Adult Nursing

Tips for Self-Inducing (and Producing Breast Milk On Your Own)

Dear Loving Milk Maid: Breast Massage Oil to Induce Lactation? Are You Kidding Me?

Our ANR Journey One Year Later: Lessons Learned (and Re-visited)


Chi Massage (To Enhance the Breasts and Aid in Lactation)

A Guide to Using Essential Oils During Breast Massage

The Benefits of Borage Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Geranium Oil to Enhance the Breasts and Aid in Lactation

DIY Geranium Essential Oil

Eight Carrier Oils to Use During Breast Massage

All About Coconut Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

TCM Acupressure

Guest Posts:

Three very special women graciously shared their personal inducing/ re-lactation journeys with others. I know you’ll find them moving and very inspirational!

Carolbrigid discovered the NBE to Lactation Connection as she shared a loving ANR with her life partner. You can read her story HERE.

Beautiful things happened for Julie and her husband when they began their journey into lactation. Click HERE to read their story.

While undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness, Cheryl discovered the therapeutic benefits of lactation. You can read her story HERE.

Contests and Giveaways:

We chose the winner of our third giveaway, LMM’s Favorite Things #3 on March 28, and are currently planning our next contest; information will be posted on our site soon, so please check back often!

Poll Results:

In March, we asked site visitors, “How Often Does a Nursing Session Lead to Lovemaking?” The results are in, and you can read them HERE.

Upcoming Projects:

  • The launch of my new breastfeeding site, Vintage Rose
  • The release of two new books, Bountiful Blessings: Living the Adult Nursing Lifestyle in Everyday Life and The Loving Milk Maid’s Guide to Clean Green Lactation
  • Confessions of a Nursing Wife, my site-exclusive autobiographical journal
  • Two comprehensive guides, The Natural Breast Enhancement to Lactation Connection and A Guide to Lactation After Menopause, which will be available as downloads on Bountiful Fruits and Vintage Rose






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