Making Breast Milk: Have You Found Success in Herbal Supplements or Other Lactogenics?

When it comes to ANR, many loving couples look forward to sharing the beautiful gift of breast milk, but for some, the inducing and/or re-lactation process is a true labor of love, and while there are a variety of inducing methods available, not all are right for every woman.

Lately, I have had many questions regarding the use of herbal supplements and their effectiveness. Because I rely on nutrition and Mr. S to assist me on my personal lactation journey, I can’t speak honestly about how well (or not so well) a particular lactogenic may work. This is where you come in! 😀

I would like to share your thoughts and experiences on this subject with others, and am reaching out to couples through this new “want ad”.

Have you tried herbal supplements or other lactogenics (including foods, teas, or medications) to help with the lactation processes? Which ones, and how effective do you feel they are? What would you recommend and what results have you noticed?

Because it is important to show every side of an experience, please let me know what didn’t work, or if you have gotten different results than you’d hoped for or expected.

Your input can be really helpful to other nursing women (and couples) and is greatly appreciated! 🙂 if you’re willing to share your experience, you can use the contact form or email me ( I’ll be posting the information as I receive it.

All information is shared anonymously and discreetly to protect your privacy.

Thank you so much!




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