Loving Milk Maid’s Year of Adult Nursing in Review

It’s hard to believe that this will be my final post of 2017. What an amazing 12 months I’ve had, and while I’m sorry to see it end, a new year means new beginnings and new possibilities, so I’m very excited to ring in 2018, surrounded by dear family and friends, who, like me, are anxious to find what the next 365 days holds in its hands!

December was a busy time on Bountiful Fruits, as I shared some holiday cheer with nursing couples hoping to give the gift of breast milk with my 30 Days of Inducing post series (which will soon be available to site members as a 100+ page ebook), and launched Connections, our brand new ANR community! Along the way, I also re-posted three of my favorite memories from 2016:

Winter, Lactation, Nursing, and Vasospasms…Oh, My!

Holiday Story Time with the Loving Milk Maid: Breast Milk and Cookies

Mr. S and the Loving Milk Maid: Holiday Magic

…and decided to send 2017 off with a year in review recap post, that I hope you enjoy! 🙂

To those who have joined our community, and to my readers across the United States and around the globe, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making my year so beautiful.

Wishing you a bright and blessed New Year!



Blog Posts:

Story Time with the Loving Milk Maid: The Great Cream Debacle

Winter, Lactation, Nursing, and Vasospasms…Oh, My!

The Adult Nursing Juggling Act, Part II: Vacation

Dear Loving Milk Maid, Do you Think I Can Have it All?

An Adult Nursing Relationship Love Story: Sunset on the Beach

The Nursing Diary:

You can read about my experience as a nursing (and vacationing) wife HERE

Q & A With LMM:

Can a Lactating Woman Have a Mammogram? Find the important answer to this reader’s question HERE

Is Breast Change Always a Sign of Lactation? Read the answer HERE

Guest Post:

In an open and honest letter, Kevin shares his adult nursing experience. You can read his post by clicking HERE.


Learn to make simple, delicious, heart-healthy, and breast milk-boosting lactation granola bars.

New Book Releases:

Members can download Love’s Sweet Embrace: A Loving Couple’s Guide to the Adult Nursing Relationship and the Journey into Breastfeeding, or purchase the newly-released second edition paperback of The Art of Lactation by visiting our little online store.


We selected the winner of our second giveaway and announced details of LMM’S Favorite Things Giveaway #3: The First Year.


Blog Posts:

How to Open an Adult Nursing Relationship (in One Simple Step)

How Mr. S and the Loving Milk Maid Learned to Nurse (and How You Can, Too)

Two Common (and Important) Suckling Phases Used to Aid in Lactation

ANR Love Notes: Eight Pink Roses

Steps to Inducing Success

Q & A With LMM:

Find out how I learned about ANR and lactation and whether Goat’s Rue can help to aid in lactation by CLICKING HERE.

The Nursing Diary:

Little can impede a beautiful ANR. Read Blogging from Bed to learn how I coped with an illness and nursing.

Guest Post:

How ANR Strengthened Our Marriage: You can read Michelle’s story here.

Explore the World of ANR:

Here is an in-depth look at an alternative lifestyle dating site that adult nursers may find helpful.

LMM’s Favorite Posts:

Now archived, these three throwback classics from 2016 made my “favorite list”:

Secret Revealed (A woman accidentally shared a little too much personal information at a dinner party)

Milk Hoarding! (Understanding the Supply and Demand of Lactation)

The Art of Suckling: Coping with Jaw Fatigue and Gaining Suckling Stamina (Tips and advice for the nursing partner)

Contests and Giveaways:

We chose a winner of LMM’s Favorite Things #2: Winner’s Choice, and gave away one copy of Love’s Sweet Embrace during our Month of Love Mini Giveaway.

You can read about our newest contest, which features a Spectra USA double electric breast pump, by CLICKING HERE.


In February, we asked the question, “How Often Do You Nurse Per Week?” You can read the results here. Be sure to vote in our newest poll!


Some of March 2017 articles have been removed from the site as they are being compiled into a new ebook, entitled Anointed Beauty.

Blog Posts:

The Connection Between Natural Breast Enhancement and Lactation

Conquering the Fear of Adult Nursing

Tips for Self-Inducing (and Producing Breast Milk On Your Own)

Dear Loving Milk Maid: Breast Massage Oil to Induce Lactation? Are You Kidding Me?

Our ANR Journey One Year Later: Lessons Learned (and Re-visited)


Chi Massage (To Enhance the Breasts and Aid in Lactation)

A Guide to Using Essential Oils During Breast Massage

The Benefits of Borage Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Geranium Oil to Enhance the Breasts and Aid in Lactation

DIY Geranium Essential Oil

Eight Carrier Oils to Use During Breast Massage

All About Coconut Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

TCM Acupressure

Guest Posts:

Three very special women graciously shared their personal inducing/ re-lactation journeys with others. I know you’ll find them moving and very inspirational!

Carolbrigid discovered the NBE to Lactation Connection as she shared a loving ANR with her life partner. You can read her story HERE.

Beautiful things happened for Julie and her husband when they began their journey into lactation. Click HERE to read their story.

While undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness, Cheryl discovered the therapeutic benefits of lactation. You can read her story HERE.

Contests and Giveaways:

We chose the winner of our third giveaway, LMM’s Favorite Things #3 on March 28, and are currently planning our next contest; information will be posted on our site soon, so please check back often!

Poll Results:

In March, we asked site visitors, “How Often Does a Nursing Session Lead to Lovemaking?” The results are in, and you can read them HERE.


Blog Posts:

Interesting Facts about Galactorrhea

Adult Nursing Realities: Growing Pains (and Other Common Breast Changes)

Adult Nursing Realities: A Change in Menstruation

Adult Nursing Realities: Breast Milk Leakage

Lactation Inducing Tip: When Coconut Oil Might not Be Right for You

Adult Nursing Concerns: Air Travel

Q & A:

Are Nipple Freckles a Normal Part of the Inducing Process?

Should I Tape My Nipples While Inducing?

What Can I Do About Low Milk Supply During Menstruation?

Nursing Pain is Ruining Our ANR! Can you Help?

Read the answers to these questions and many others in our Q & A with LMM section.

Guest Post:

Read what the adult nursing relationship means to a man named WH by clicking HERE.

Dee shared the first part of her adult nursing journey in this post.

Polls and Surveys:

In April, we asked readers what most hinders their ability to openly discuss their ANR. The results are in and you can read them by clicking HERE.


Blog Posts:

Building a Garden of Memories

The Cost of Inducing Lactation

Q & A:

Will Finding a Nursing Partner Improve My Chance of Lactation?

Read the answer to this question and many others by visiting our Q & A with LMM section.

Dear Loving Milk Maid:

I launched my new post series with Can we Talk?

The Nursing Diary:

You can read my newest journal entry by clicking HERE.

Guest Posts:

Applesmilk shared his thoughts on ANR and the relationship he shares with his wife in A Journey of Devotion.

Polls and Surveys:

In May, we asked women to share their preferred method of inducing, and the votes are in. You can read the results by clicking HERE, or take a m


Blog Posts:
Adult Nursing Concerns: Air Travel, Part II

My sweetheart, Mr. S, was featured in three very special posts!

Read his thoughts on the (Not So) Complicated Dynamics of ANR HERE

Find out what he thinks about “Mom Issues” within the dedicated ANR HERE

He discussed the varying degrees of intimacy within the ANR IN THIS ARTICLE

Dear Loving Milk Maid:

Is it Possible to Become Addicted to ANR?

Could I be Going through Nursing Withdrawal?

I am Concerned about Opening an ANR with a Younger Man

Do your Children Know about your Lifestyle Choice?

Retro Post:

I shared one of my favorite retro throwback posts from 2016. Read “The Art of Suckling: Coping with Jaw Fatigue and Gaining Suckling Stamina” HERE.

New Book Release:

You can download a copy of Bountiful Blessings: A Couple’s Guide to Living the ANR Lifestyle in Everyday Life by following THIS LINK.

June Poll Results:

“Do You Feel That ANR Has Enhanced The Sexual Intimacy You Share With Your Partner?” Read the results HERE.


Blog Posts:

Breast Massage Tips for the Buxom and Amply Endowed

The Truth About Inducing Lactation, Part I

The Truth About Inducing Lactation, Part II

Dear Loving Milk Maid:

“It’s Been Three Months and Still No Milk. Is this Normal?”

Read the answer to this question BY CLICKING HERE.

Health Matters (New Post Series):

Nursing with a pre-existing medical condition can be a concern for many women and their partners, so I began working on my newest series of posts: “Health Matters: Nursing with Medical Conditions and the Benefits of Breast Milk”. You can read the introductory post, or click HERE to learn about nursing with diabetes. Follow THIS LINK to read about nursing with hypothyroidism.

New Book Release:

With a focus on the Clean Green Lactation lifestyle came the release of my Clean Green Lactation Cookbook, Volume I, which you can read about HERE.

Bountiful Fruits Chat Line:

You can now connect with me via private PHONE CHAT!

Contests and Giveaways:

There’s still time to enter my FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY.

Forum and Chat:

A new singles only chat room has been added to the site.


Blog Posts:

Health Matters: Nursing with Thyroid Disease, Part II (Hyperthyroidism)

Loving Milk Maid’s Thoughts on Lactation: Direction Vs. Speed

The Nursing Diary:

Another week came (and went) in my journey as a nursing wife. You can read my diary entry by clicking HERE.

Loving Milk Maid’s Favorite Retro Post:

As Mr. S and I prepared to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, I took a stroll down memory lane in An Adult Nursing Relationship Love Story: The 15th Year.

Dear Loving Milk Maid:

Should I Tell My Wife That I Want to Nurse?

Can Adult Nursing Help Veterans Cope With The Rough Days?

My Complete Lactation Journey:

A detailed month-by-month account of my lactation journey will be shared on our ANR forum. You can read more about this new post series by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Bountiful Fruits ANR Chat Forum:

On August 14, we resumed our Monday night chats on our forum, and we’ll return on September 11, 2017 for more adult breastfeeding discussions, Q & A, and fun.

Contests and Giveaways:

We selected the winner of our LMM’s Favorite Things Giveaway #4, and launched our NEWEST CONTEST.


Blog Posts:

From the Health Matter series:

Nursing with Hypertension

Nursing with Anemia

Loving Milk Maid’s Thoughts on Meeting Others in the Adult Nursing Community:

Part I, Platonic Relationships

Part II, More than Friendship

New Book Release:

You can read more about A Fountain of Gardens: 21 Effective Galactagogues to Promote Lactation, Enrich Breast Milk Supply, and Improve Let Down by clicking THIS LINK.

Contests and Giveaways:

We launched our fifth favorite things giveaway, No Tricks, Just Treats, and our drawing has been set for October 31, so there’s still plenty of time to enter for your chance to win a HealthMate Forever Tens unit, and lots of extra nursing goodies.


ANR 101Articles:

Lesson One: Defining Your Personal ANR

Lesson Two: Opening Your Personal ANR

ANR 101 Audio:

Honest and Open Communication

Talking About the Lifestyle

Opening the Lines of Communication

Power Pumping Boot Camp:

We hosted our very first Power Pumping Boot Camp, and the “second round” begins on November 6! Be sure to download your Power Pumping Boot Camp PDF, and join us on the forum for more info and weekly meetings!

Pink With a Purpose:

To help spread Breast Cancer Awareness, I launched my Pink Ribbons and Roses Project, which includes a video!

You can read my answer to the question, Cam a Nursing Woman Have a Mammogram? and learn how nursing women can perform a breast self-exam.

Contests and Giveaways:

My fifth Favorite Things giveaway ended on October 30, and a winner was selected to receive a HealthMate Forever Tens Unit and a selection of nursing products on October 31. I’ll be hosting another giveaway in the future, so please check back often for update


Special Event:

LMM’s Power Pumping Boot Camp, Round 2

Blog Posts:

A Group of Nursing Women Power Pumped for Three Weeks and Here’s What They Discovered

A Message of Inspiration to Adult Nursing Couples: Communication WORKS!

The Realities of Pumping for the Adult Nursing Woman

Loving Milk Maid’s Best Breast Pump List, Part I

Loving Milk Maid’s Best Breast Pump List, Part II

Loving Milk Maid Reviews: Spectra S2 Double/Single Electric Breast Pump

Dear Loving Milk Maid Q & A:

Will My Desire For More Drive Her Away?

Will I Be Able To Lactate Following Breast Reduction Surgery?

New Book Release:

The Loving Milk Maid’s DIY Boobie Boosters





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