Loving Milk Maid’s Want Ads: Looking for Real Adult Nursing Story Submissions for the Month of Love

With February fast approaching, we are preparing for Bountiful Fruits’ second annual Month of Love where Mr. S and I will be exploring the more intimate and romantic dynamics of the adult nursing relationship with brand new posts and couples podcasts.

And what would a Month of Love be without a few good love stories to read by the fire on a snowy February night?

You’ve read our nursing story. Now, we want to read yours!

Guest posts are a popular part of Bountiful Fruits. They inspire, encourage, and motivate others along the journey into the world of adult nursing, and sharing your personal experience in a private and discreet manner is a wonderful (and often therapeutic) way to freely express your love of this unique lifestyle choice without fear of criticism and judgment.

Do you currently share an ANR? Would you like to open one? What have you experienced from nursing–or what do you hope to experience? Lessons learned? Hopes held high? Advice to offer?

If you have anything you’d like to share, please consider doing so! (I love guest posts!)

I’m currently seeking submissions for REAL LIFE breastfeeding stories that will be compiled into a non-fiction anthology, entitled Nursing Stories. (You can view the e-book cover art on our Welcome page.)

If there is enough interest, and if we receive 10 or more submissions by February 12, Nursing Stories will be available as a free printable PDF download on Valentine’s Day.


1. Real life experiences! (No fiction at this time, for this particular story collection)

2. No word limit–one line, a paragraph, or more than a page…the choice is yours.

3. It is the meaning behind your words rather than how you present them that matters! So share from your heart.

4. No format criteria. Just express your thoughts (even if it reads like a letter: that’s perfect!)

5. Eclectic and unique forms of expression from unique, every day people who understand and appreciate the magic (and normalcy) of ANR.


February 12, 2018.

Your privacy is important to me, but let others know who you are by including a discreet byline (initials, user name, etc) with your submission.

You can send your story to:


Thank you for considering this Want Ad! I truly appreciate your support, and look forward to hearing from you!






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