Loving Milk Maid’s Message of Inspiration to Adult Nursing Couples: Communication WORKS!

I love receiving emails from my readers; each one is very meaningful to me, but some are just so inspiring that I like to share them with other adult nursers as messages of hope and encouragement, and others, such as THIS ONE, from a man who was concerned that his desire for more frequent nursing sessions, would drive his wife further away,  are featured in a Dear Loving Milk Maid post.

I recently received two responses to this particular Q & A. The first is from the original poster:

I wanted to give you an update with respect to the suggestions you provided in reference to my question of wanting my reluctant wife to accept increased nursing sessions.  I expressed to her exactly how I feel and why I want this type of intimacy.  Much of what I expressed was just re-hashed from my initial talk with her, which resulted in our current ANR (Once per week nursing).  Adding heartfelt expressions of love for her and how fortunate I am to receive such a wonderful gift, she has agreed to increase our sessions to twice a week, 40 minute sessions(20 minutes each breast).  I would still love more, but will not push my luck at this stage of our ANR. After all, this is only week 4.  

I want to sincerely thank you for your encouragement, thoughtful suggestions and advocacy.

And this one from a man who found the courage to express his 20-year desire for an ANR to his wife:

My wife and I have been married for almost 22 years and I’ve wanted an ANR since she breastfed our oldest daughter about 20 years ago. Whether or not she would have let me nurse, I don’t know, because I never had the nerve to ask her. This feeling has never gone away, if anything, it’s just gotten stronger. After reading the question from the man who wanted to nurse more and listening to your podcasts on communication, I decided to talk to my wife about this. She was a little reluctant, but did agree to try, and I’m now nursing once a week. Will this lead to more? Who knows? For now, it’s enough, and let’s just say I’m one happy guy.

Thank you for your encouragement and support, and for taking the time to read my letter. I couldn’t have done this without you and your site.

Don’t you just love stories with happy endings? 🙂

Expressing the desire to share an adult nursing relationship can be hard (as a matter of fact, it might just be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do), but as these men discovered, open and honest communication can work! It’s simply something you have to try if you ever want to give that beautiful experience the wings to fly!

To the gentlemen who shared their stories and to the lovely ladies in their lives, I wish you all the best!

And to those who long for the magic of an ANR: talk to your partner, tell them how you feel. You never know…you might just create a happily-ever-after of your own!

Warm wishes to you,