Loving Milk Maid Shares: Our Brand New Interactive Social/Dating ANR/ABR Community is Live! Come and Make a Connection.

So, if you’ve been coming to Bountiful Fruits at any time over the past 20 months, you probably already know two of my top-received questions from members of the nursing community.

  1. How did you become fully lactated?


2. Where can I meet a nursing partner in my area?

Well, since I’m already covering question #1 in my 30 Days of Inducing post series, I decided the time had come to answer question #2.

Knowing how fortunate we are to share the same love of adult nursing and understanding how incredibly difficult it can be for others to find partners and relationships in the nursing community, Mr. S and I have often discussed the idea of creating a place for those who enjoy this very special lifestyle. People come to Bountiful Fruits for a variety of reasons, sometimes to learn more, other times in the hope of finding their “perfect” match. I thought it might be a great idea to combine both of these things in one place. After all, what good is all of this ANR information if you don’t have somewhere (or is that on someone? 😉 to apply it?

It is truly a pleasure to present to you Connections @ Bountiful Fruits!

(I will not lie–I was going to launch this in January, but I was too excited to wait. 🙂 )

What is Connections @ Bountiful Fruits?

It is our very own premiere social networking community designed for and dedicated to people interested in the adult nursing (breastfeeding) lifestyle. It’s the perfect place to connect with others in a warm and inviting setting that provides endless hours of social interaction with likeminded people. It is private, discreet, and a lot of fun.

Connect Your Way!

Connections allows you to decide who you will meet and how. You build your own personal community where you can view members’ profiles and photos, post and comment on feeds, like users’ comments and posts, send and accept friend requests, and share direct messages and private chats with people in your town, city, state, or country. The possibilities are endless!

In the future, we hope to add many more features, such as photo albums and videos, reactions and community blog posts, to Connections. For now, you have everything you need to be connecting in minutes! 🙂

Something For Everyone:

You never have to feel alone! Connections is the perfect way to form platonic friendships, too. And everyone is important on this community. We welcome you without judgment.

Because Mr. S and I want to provide a community of substance and high standing that is perfectly suited for every *serious* adult nurser, nudity and pornography is not permitted. (I figured I might as well just put this out there so potential members will have the chance to decide if Connections is the “right” community for them.) If you enjoy Bountiful Fruits, then I think you’ll love Connections! 🙂

(Am I a little too excited about this?)

A Streamlined Design:

Connections @ Bountiful Fruits provides a 100% ad free social environment. (Ads annoy me…a lot…especially the pesky pop-up kind that get in the way of a good time…) Because of this, we rely on membership subscriptions (or possible donations) to keep our site(s) up and running. Connections is light on graphics and big on community content. (Hooray!)

At this time, it is a sub community of Bountiful Fruits, which we hope to seamlessly integrate into the site after the new year. This will provide 1-click access to your profile, streams, activity, and friends.

Who Can Join Connections?

At this time, the community is only available to Bountiful Fruits site members. We might make Connections more accessible in the future, when we decide the best way to provide this service to others. But, for now, if you’re a Bountiful Fruits member with an active account, you can enjoy 24/7 social networking. Your network will expire at the time of your Bountiful Fruits’ expiration, which means you’ll have up to 1 year of unlimited connecting!

How to Join Connections:

If you aren’t a member of Bountiful Fruits, you can JOIN  now to begin connecting with others in the ANR community.

The Connections site is currently available by invitation only. It requires a quick and simple 2-minute registration process. You’ll receive an invitation link, follow the instructions in the email, wait for admin approval, and you’re connecting!

When creating your account, please be sure to enter the email address you used when joining Bountiful Fruits. If you register with a different email address, the site won’t recognize you as an “approved” member and your registration will be declined.

I’ll be sending the link invites out by Friday, so you can begin connecting as soon as possible. When Mr. S and I tested Connections’ email features, we did notice that some messages ended up in Spam folders (ugh!), but if you don’t find your invitation there, or haven’t received it by Friday afternoon, let me know so I can re-send it!

When we tested the community features, the site worked very well from our desktop, phones, and iPads, so you should be able to easily connect with others anywhere.

Screenshots of Connections:

When you first reach the site, you’ll find this:

You’ll then need to register your new account in just a couple of easy steps. Don’t forget to agree to our terms and conditions and click next!



Now, check your email! 🙂



And here are some of the things waiting for you on the inside!

Create a detailed profile with a picture and cover. Visit the community, send and accept friend requests, and open direct messages and private chats:

I have a friend request:


Visit the community, view and edit your profile, and more!


Share status updates and let others know how you’re feeling with emotions! Others can like your posts and reply to posts you’ve shared.

See who is online, view recent members, and keep track of your friends:

Choose your level of privacy by deciding on which posts to follow, and how you’ll share your posts:




There’s much more to see and do, so join us on Connections! (You can send me a friend request if you want to! 🙂 )

We hope you love this new site feature. There will be more to come on Bountiful Fruits as we work to expand our ANR community. If you try out Connections, will you let me know what you think? I’d love to receive feedback!

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.




  1. Hugh says:

    Hi Loving Milk Maid,

    I think it’s a great idea and I was wondering if you were going to do this. I hope soon my wife and I will be able to become members as it will be great to be able to talk to others in this beautiful lifestyle.

    • Loving Milk Maid says:

      Hi, Hugh! 🙂

      Thank you for commenting. It’s always so wonderful to hear from you. You’ve been one of my biggest supporters since the very beginning, and I can’t thank you enough. If you’d like to join the community, please send me a message with your email, and I’ll send you the invite link! Warm wishes always to you and your lovely wife!

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