Loving Milk Maid Discusses: How to Navigate Bountiful Fruits (Tutorial with Photos) + Missing Content and Broken Links

Lately, I’ve had a few questions and concerns about missing content and broken links on the site. After looking into this, all is well, and we’ve found that some of these issues are just matters of navigation and can be easily resolved. Here’s a quick navigation tutorial to make your time here on Bountiful Fruits much more pleasant!

*Spoiler alert: the photos aren’t great, but I hope you’ll find them helpful anyway!

On your PC:

On the main menu, many categories contain sub-menus. For example, this one:


If you click directly on the header THE MILK MAID’S LIFE, the page will be blank, but if you cursor over it, a list of articles will appear as drop downs to the right of your screen, like this:


(Again, sorry for the pics.)

Some categories contain several sub-menus. For example, beneath the GARDEN ARCHIVES section, you’ll find a sub-menu titled Articles By Month. Cursoring over this will display a category titled 2017 Archives. All archives will display to the right of this category.

(Have I confused you yet? 🙂 The content really is there, I promise. It’s just a matter of finding it!)

Things are set up a little differently on mobile devices.

Once you click on the pull-down tab, a list of menu options will drop down:

And everything is organized in a list:

Header/Title pages show a single dash (-) before them; articles have a double dash (- -) before their titles.

Missing Content:

Every so often, the site undergoes routine maintenance and updates; if you experience any issues following this maintenance, sometimes, refreshing your browser helps.

Periodically, I do temporarily remove content for revisions and editing, but I try to do this as infrequently as possible, and work as quickly as I can to re-post, so it doesn’t cause an inconvenience to members.

A new membership option was added to the site in January, and this plan offers several new site features available only to Rose Plus members, which may explain inaccessible content. You can read more about this by CLICKING HERE.

Broken Links:

All links appear to be working, but if you do notice any issues, please let me know!

You can read our FAQs and Site Policies page RIGHT HERE. 

If I can help you in any way, just let me know!









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