LMM’s Power Pumping Boot Camp: Volunteers Needed

Power Pumping is an inducing method often used to jump start or increase lactation in a short amount of time, and while this technique is believed to produce a noticeable improvement within 48 hours, the question remains: how effective is it really?

Well, that’s what I would like to find out, and I’m looking for several pumping ladies to take part in my upcoming Power Pumping Boot Camp!

As a fully lactated woman, I will be power pumping to determine if this method helps to boost my current daily output, and I’m looking for women in varying states of lactation (from no production to partially lactated) to power pump, too, and chart their results, so we can share our findings in an upcoming post.

This is, of course, a private, discreet, and anonymous mission! 😉 We take to our pumps on October 9.

If you’re interested in enlisting, please let me know, either by sending me an email, or filling out the contact form below, and I’ll send you more info, and a PDF on power pumping instructions.

Thank you, ladies! Your input helps make the difference for many nursing couples!


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