Latching Images

This photo is an example of a perfect nursing latch. The areola has been taken into the baby’s mouth, creating a perfect seal, and the upper and lower lip are bowed, or flanged, outward, and the chin is slightly tucked.







Another example of the perfect latch using a version of the V hold method of breast support and the asymmetrical latch. Again, much of the breast has been taken into the mouth, baby’s chin is tucked, and his lips are flanged.



This little guy knows exactly what to do! 🙂 Notice how widely his lips are flanged, particularly the bottom lip.




To properly latch, you must open your mouth very wide to ensure you’re taking in as much of the breast as you possibly can. It also helps if the nipple is aimed slightly upward before the breast is positioned into the mouth.






This is image shows the proper placement of the nipple inside the mouth. It aims slightly upward toward the back of the throat and rests against the roof of the mouth. Suckling pulls the nipple forward in something that can be described as a pumping motion. A good latch and proper suckling will sometimes temporarily alter the shape of the breast, flattening it. During suckling, the tongue normally rolls backward, catching the base of the nipple and pressing it firmly against the roof of the mouth. Suckling is then provided by the lips.


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