January Poll Results: Do you Feel that Nursing can be a Casual Experience?

When it comes to the adult nursing relationship, the word casual can be defined in many ways. For some couples, “casual” is used to describe their personal experience in which their nursing schedule is very carefree and often free of strict lactation inducing routines while remaining very much emotionally based; for others, the experience stems from a physical desire to suckle and/or consume breast milk, sometimes without the true need for a one-on-one emotional connection with a specific person. Of course, these two examples of ANR are not the only ways in which to define the experience; there is a broad spectrum of beliefs and practices involved, and each is unique to the nursing individual involved in the lifestyle. Regardless of how you personally define the word casual in regard to ANR, we recently asked for your thoughts on the question: Do You Feel That Nursing Can Be A Casual Experience? Here are the results of January’s poll.

Of the 48 unique votes collected, 31 percent of people felt that nursing can, in fact, be a casual experience while 69 percent of people felt that the nursing experience could not be defined as casual.

We recently posted our new poll: How Often Do You Nurse Per Week? and hope you’ll take a moment to vote! Your thoughts are important, and can help others along the way of their own journey into nursing! 🙂


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