January Articles

Blog Posts:

Story Time with the Loving Milk Maid: The Great Cream Debacle

Winter, Lactation, Nursing, and Vasospasms…Oh, My!

The Adult Nursing Juggling Act, Part II: Vacation

Dear Loving Milk Maid, Do you Think I Can Have it All?

An Adult Nursing Relationship Love Story: Sunset on the Beach

The Nursing Diary:

You can read about my experience as a nursing (and vacationing) wife HERE

Q & A With LMM:

Can a Lactating Woman Have a Mammogram? Find the important answer to this reader’s question HERE

Is Breast Change Always a Sign of Lactation? Read the answer HERE

Guest Post:

In an open and honest letter, Kevin shares his adult nursing experience. You can read his post by clicking HERE.


Learn to make simple, delicious, heart-healthy, and breast milk-boosting lactation granola bars.

New Book Releases:

Members can download Love’s Sweet Embrace: A Loving Couple’s Guide to the Adult Nursing Relationship and the Journey into Breastfeeding, or purchase the newly-released second edition paperback of The Art of Lactation by visiting our little online store.


We selected the winner of our second giveaway and announced details of LMM’S Favorite Things Giveaway #3: The First Year.



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