Is Breast Change Always a Sign of Full Lactation?

Hello, LMM! I love your website, and all the information you provide on lactation has been very helpful! My husband and I decided to induce about a month ago, and he is now getting some milk every time he nurses, which we both love, but I have a question. My breasts aren’t changing. They aren’t firmer or fuller…and they don’t feel “hard”. Is this normal? Or will I need to make more milk to notice a difference? How will I know if I’m fully lactating? Thanks!

Breasts are as unique as they are beautiful, and each responds differently to the process of lactation–even when they belong to the same woman. Some women experience very little change during lactation, and breast capacity has a lot to do with this. There is no correlation between breast size and capacity; some women simply have more natural “packing room” and can hold and contain more milk than others. Personally speaking, now that my body has adjusted to its beautiful transformation, and even though I am enjoying full lactation, my breasts are still very soft.

I think all of us, when new to nursing, have expectations of what lactating breasts “should” be; I went through this many years ago when I was a new breastfeeding mother, but I soon learned to follow my body’s cues rather than compare my breasts to others. They are responding to non-maternal lactation just as they did to maternal lactation, so this is my “normal”. 🙂

Now that your husband is able to enjoy milk while nursing shows that you are well on your way to achieving your personal lactation goals, and that is a wonderful thing! No matter how much milk you produce, you may find that your breasts remain just as they are, and this is perfectly natural. You’ll know that you’ve reached full lactation by the amount of milk you’re producing through pumping and/or manual expression, and by how frequently your husband swallows during every nursing session.

I hope this helps!



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