Life is full of moments and experiences. For some people, adult nursing is both, private moments of quiet reflection and an emotional experience that connects two hearts, two bodies, and two souls. It is often a respite, a means of creating a close and unbreakable bond of intimacy between two loving people. Nursing can be an experience of joyful discovery, a gentle and light-hearted joining of spirits, and for some, it is a lifeline.

Often, there are subjects that we, as humans, and society as a whole, choose to brush aside because they are simply too uncomfortable to talk–or even think–about. I think it is often much easier to pretend that reality doesn’t exist, but there are people out there who are not afforded the luxury of make- believe, people who struggle with hidden secrets, people forced to cope alone.

Every message that I receive is very special to me. I collect them like the rarest of treasures and have been placing them in a scrapbook so I will always have this precious moment in time and a record of my life as the Loving Milk Maid, so that someday, I will be able to look back on my life, remember it fondly, and re-live as I stroll down the winding paths of memory lane. These messages have made me smile, have touched my heart and brightened my day–and some have moved me so deeply that words can fail me.

Cyndy’s message was one of those.

When this very special lady, a 41-year-old wife and mother of two, contacted me through Bountiful Fruits’ interview form, I knew that I needed to share her story with others; although I typically conduct interviews in a traditional question and answer fashion, this format just didn’t seem to fit the situation. After all, Cyndy expressed her thoughts so well, and in such an open and honest way, there truly didn’t seem to be much more that I could possibly ask to add to her real-life experience, so instead, I decided to simply share her story with you just as I received it, written in her very own words, as a way to show others what love can do.

Nursing is not always solely about joy–sometimes, it is about healing, repairing what has been broken and bruised, and soothing what has been hurt.

When I emailed her to let her know how much I appreciated her candor, and to thank her for giving me the opportunity to read her story and to share it with others, she responded with this message:

I’m glad it may help another couple and encourage them to try it if they have a similar issue. 

 Cyndy–and her husband–are helping to do this with their poignant story as she helps to heal him with the comfort of her breasts.

“For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance…”


Her Comforting Breasts
An Interview with Cyndy
 Three years ago, my husband broke down, admitting to me that he had been abused as an 11-year- old boy for two years by a man. This was eight years into our marriage. He had had problems with intimacy, and after he admitted the abuse, he said he didn’t want to be touched in any way that the man had done to him. So nearly all normal sexual activity ceased….except with my breasts. The abuser did not have those! My husband began to get professional help for the abuse and was diagnosed with PTSD due to the years of being traumatized, some of which crossed into torture. We found that the one areas of my body we both enjoyed was nursing. It really gave him a calmness and helped relieve anxiety. We have been doing this on and off for two years, but recently decided to try to wet nurse to see if it adds even more intimacy for us.
ANR is really still the main [form of] intimacy for us. My husband is working on trying not to get anxiety about being fully intimate, but he still struggles. ANR has greatly decreased his PTSD, so I see it as part of his therapy for him. I don’t see us stopping anywhere in the future. I might add, we’re pretty conservative people, but we truly feel this is a blessing we can give each other.

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If you would like to share your story with others, please let me know! All interviews are conducted discreetly and anonymously, as a way to protect contributors’ privacy.



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