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Samantha, a 29-year-old independent contractor and tattoo artist, and 30-year-old Mr. M, who works in retail sales, have been married for almost three years and are the overjoyed parents of a precious baby boy. I met Samantha through my blog, and after reading a beautiful message that she left for me, I knew that readers would enjoy meeting her and reading her personal ANR story, too. She is an amazing woman! Samantha was wonderful enough to share her experience with me and allow me to share it with you, too! Please enjoy “The Beautiful Discovery”.

An Interview with Samantha


LMM: I understand that you are new to ANR. Can you tell me how long you’ve been involved in a nursing relationship with your husband?

Samantha: Our nursing relationship only begin about 2 weeks ago. We’re new to our ANR and it has the feeling of when you begin a new relationship, the butterflies and giddy smiles happen whenever it’s near our dedicated time together! Or whenever we flirt with one another about nursing through out the day!

LMM: Was ANR something you had been wanting for a long time, and, if so, why do you believe the desire was there?

Samantha: The idea had crossed my mind from time to time, but the taboo of adult nursing made it hard to bring up as something I would want to explore so I just sort of put it in the back of my mind, I guess you could say.

LMM: What do you think interested you most in opening an ANR with your husband?

Samantha: The immediate interest was the need to increase my supply! My son started sleeping 12 hours through the night and my supply dropped fast! But the interest was there before that. I wanted the closeness and intimacy. It’s not the same as just a date night, it’s the closest I can be to him, in every way possible.

LMM: As the partner who expressed the desire for ANR, how did you share it with your husband?

Samantha: The conversation began  with “if you’re not interested just say it…”  [laughter] We’ve always had an easy time communicating things with each other. We discussed how we each felt about the idea and what we both wanted out of the time together. It was relatively easy once I broke the ice.

LMM: What was his initial response and/or reaction to this?

Samantha: He wasn’t surprised. I think he knew the topic was coming up soon because I kept making comments like “they’re not going to drain themselves…”

LMM: Have you chosen to induce and/or include lactation into your ANR? And why did you make such a decision?

Samantha: We wet nurse. It would be impossible not to, but he loves it. I’m not sure how long we will nurse or if we will try and keep lactating when my son stops, but for now it’s such an amazing dynamic to have in our ANR. It lets me feel like I can provide something for him when he provides so much for me.

LMM: What benefits or positive changes has ANR brought to your marriage?

Samantha: It’s brought us closer even when I didn’t think that was possible. We have been in such a great position in our relationship, but introducing nursing has opened up a whole new level to our life! It’s like a whole new side of vulnerability to our relationship that would have never been exposed otherwise.

LMM: Have you faced any challenges as a nursing couple or within your ANR?

Samantha: Finding the right positioning was an awkward moment with a few laughs, but it only added to our first nursing experience! We also have a few nights where the allotted time won’t work, but we figure it out so we’re not stressed about any of it.

LMM: What advice would you give to someone who wants an ANR, but doesn’t know how to tell their partner about such a desire?

Samantha: All you can hope for is that sense of understanding. Even if your partner rejects the idea, don’t be ashamed. Just the open communication can do wonderful things for a relationship. Maybe if they aren’t as enthusiastic as you may be, at least it shows that you’re willing to discuss matters that are important to you! And sometimes letting the idea of a nursing relationship sit on someone’s mind will open them up to trying it!! All you can do is ask!

LMM: That is fantastic advice! I love your outlook on this! Is there anything else you’d like to tell others, Samantha?

Samantha: It’s a beautiful experience my husband and I get to share! I am so thrilled to have found your blog and find out we’re not alone in this journey that can be found as taboo and so negatively judged! Given the opportunity to do this interview has been wonderful and thank you for your words! They are an outlet that is so badly needed in this lifestyle!

LMM: Thank you so much, Samantha!

Samantha: Thank you!



I hope you enjoyed “The Beautiful Discovery”. Next week (5/9/16), I’ll be sharing Nancy and Paul’s personal ANR story in “Mending Method”.

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