How the Adult Nursing Relationship is Helping a Combat Veteran to Heal: RG’s Story Continues

Do you remember RG, the veteran who shared his thoughts on the adult nursing lifestyle? (If you haven’t read his open letter, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.) He is one of many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who now struggle daily with physical and emotional injury, and seek comfort and healing through nursing and breast milk. I’m always deeply moved by their messages, and I think I’m drawn to them because I was a military wife for so long, and am now the wife of a combat veteran, who I have nursed throughout the course of our marriage, his career, and beyond. 

Most of these letters are in regard to PTSD, and while very little is known about the positive effects that nursing can have on the symptoms of this condition, which is estimated to affect 20% of veterans (although many counselors feel that the actual percentage is much higher), Mr. S and I believe that, from a personal rather than professional standpoint, nursing can help to ease this condition. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the adult breastfeeding experience, there is relatively no medical or scientific evidence to support our opinion. We simply know what has worked for us (and several other veterans), and have seen the positive effects that nursing has had on Mr. S. 

RG recently updated me on his story, and I want to share it with you! It’s amazing. (And his wife is amazing, too–she deserves credit for her willingness to support her husband’s needs in any way she possibly can.)

Mr. S and I are preparing a couples podcast to discuss nursing from a veteran and veteran’s wife’s point of view, and hope to have it available on the site by January 24. We hope it will be helpful to many!

Enjoy RG’s story, and have a wonderful weekend!



I just wanted to thank you for your openness and the openness of Mr. S about your ANR.

I have been able to share some articles on the bountiful fruits page with my wife especially the thought process of Mr. S who I think much the same way he does when it comes to ANR. This has helped us to establish a more dedicated ANR once a night. Instead of a sexual/ casual ANR.

I have found this has helped my pain levels and helped deter ptsd symptoms I have been living with. Also I find myself so much more attentive to my wife’s needs and desires and we are openly communicating on a whole new level. It has definitely brought us so much closer and made an amazing marriage even better.

UnSensoredVet (RG)