How Men View the Beautiful World of the Adult Nursing Relationship (Part I)

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Tangles, Dr. DT, Enzian69, LC, GS, CC, CJ, Kal, JR, ML, AD, and Mr. S for contributing to this post, and sharing your thoughts so openly and honestly, as a way to enlighten others on the beauty of the adult nursing relationship.


My wife, M, and I have just recently become married, but before that, it was hard, as I live in Australia and she lives in Japan. Our relationship started one and a half years ago. Now I live in Japan with her. During our time apart she took fenugreek and massaged till I was able to be with her.

In regards to nursing, it is the most wondrous thing in the world to me and so hard to even describe in words.

If I could, I would have to say that the closeness with her is so surreal, the bonding, sharing, appreciation, and love for each other is so strong.

The feeling of our souls and hearts completing each other to one is beyond belief. We have never loved so strongly and it keeps growing.

Nursing has not only provided what I have described but also the nurturing of each other, the opening of stronger communication and relaxation like has never been experienced before. It is like you can feel any frustration, anxiety, feeling down and stress gradually leave your body like it is dropping from your head down and out through your toes.

We have found during the day that both of us have felt so in need of nursing that it gets frustrating for want of a better word. Previously I had so much trouble sleeping but now I have never had better sleep ever.

Currently we are in the middle of our journey to lactation but even without that aspect it is still perfect.

I think that my marriage, wife and nursing are one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. Simply put this lifestyle is absolutely magic.


I am a professional 42 year old married male who learned more about ANR a couple years ago during the breast feeding years of first and only child. Watching my son grow and seeing the bond that my wife with our son had intrigued me.

During the first 3 years of our sons life I felt abandoned, depressed, and bored of my married life. Work and daily chores took over. I tried traditional ways to improve our relationship but it didn’t seem to be working. So one day I wrote a letter to her explaining the positives of nursing. Needless to say there was not a positive response. I waited a year later and tried again but this time I meticulously researched on the subject and with the help of LMM blogs I put together a 5-6 minutes video blog for my wife on why I felt nursing would be a great addition to our relationship.  The blogged discussed the role of oxytocin, closeness, health benefits of breast milk, time together, disconnect from the social media world and work, but again I was rejected.

Nursing and being close to the breast is something very special to me and I feel can bring a couple together even stronger emotionally, spiritually and intimately for years to come.


I am male, 47 years old, from Sweden.

I´ve had a strong interest in ANR for many years now, but obviously
kept it to myself. I’ve gathered information online and fantasized
about having such a relationship. The cold reality though, is that it
is very very hard to find a woman. I think the number one
misunderstanding is that a man’s interest in ANR equals an interest in
acting like a baby (Wearing diapers etc). Nothing is further from the
truth. There is nothing wrong with role play (if that is your thing),
but I just haven’t seen or heard about anyone where these interests
ANR for me is about being myself: a masculine man wanting to connect
on a deeper level to a woman. The suckling and the breasts is somewhat
secondary to that. Don’t get me wrong – I’d cherish and love all the
physical aspects of suckling and enjoy the many pleasures of breast
play. But the ultimate purpose for me is connection.

So why is that?

I am aware that I am severly emotionally damaged. And have been for as
long as I can remember. I can’t go into the specifics because it’s
really difficult to describe. And it is difficult to live with. But
I’ve had some rather brief experiences with women who let me suckle
their breasts (I’ve even tasted breast milk in very small amounts –
loved it:). And the strange thing is: It affected my condition
directly, and in a very positive way. I felt calm, relaxed, so many
weird feelings that I could hardly understand because they were new to
me! First afterwards i realized it was happy feelings. I felt alive.
This is a big change. Although I still struggle with everything I feel
certain now that there is a remedy, a missing piece out there that
can mend this hole in my heart. I just need to find it.

I am now in a new relationship (after several years alone), that
already feels very warm and intimate. Obviously I haven’t brought up
the subject of ANR, but I feel that just maybe she would be receptive?
She speaks of how she values connection and physical intimacy and I
try to show her in every way how much I enjoy that. We’ll see about
the future – I can’t wait to build a We/Us with her, with or without


I am 61 yrs old and married to N, who is in her mid-fifties. We have been nursing for about a month. When N first brought it up, I was a bit perplexed. But hey, if you want to present me with your breast multiple times a day for me to suck on, well then count me in (after all I am a guy).  But the more I processed the why’s of doing this I came to understand her reasoning.

Trying to be a good husband and partner, I wanted to support my wife and help fulfill this desire. At this point, we are still dry nursing but both looking forward to milk. Within this month we both have begun to look forward to the next session but for different reasons.

I think I have finally found the proper technique. Almost at the moment of latch I feel a calmness start in me. I have realized that while nursing that nothing matters except her and I, the world can continue to spin by but we will take things slowly for those 40 minutes. As a test the other day, I tried to think about a serious situation while nursing but couldn’t think about anything other than the breast in my mouth. As we nurse, I feel all tension melting away because nothing matters but us. 

Our normal position is laying face to face. Sometimes intertwined and sometimes not. I have realized that N has given me her whole body but not in a sexual way, because we were quite sexually active before. When we started this journey, she said that it wasn’t about sex. Ok I didn’t believe it the first few times but as we have progressed I think less about the act of intercourse and more on the presentation of her body. While nursing, I have full access to the back of her body for my hand (hands), from her knees to her shoulders. I have come to love the small of her back, the softness, the curves and even the goosebumps at times. Our hands have so many nerve endings that touch is a wondrous thing. I am a tactile person so nursing provides me the benefits of both.

I also love the scent of my wife as I nestle against her breast, the smell of her lotion, a slight smell of daily perspiration and her pheromones. Between the taste of her breast, the feel of her skin and the scent of the woman that I love and cherish, what more could I have. I know that she loves me and stands with me as a wife, partner and confidante. 


Nursing is a sensual, sexy act that transcends anything that I could possibly hope to achieve with a partner.


Nursing is the best thing that happens to me each week, and I’m working as hard as I can to make it the best thing that happens each day. There is nothing as sublime as having my head in my lover’s lap, latched on, while she watches me, caressing me, quietly encouraging me with her Mona Lisa smile. It is the only time we are together when she is quiet, overwhelmed by the feelings nursing me brings to her. The more time we spend there, the more I want. I haven’t told her because I don’t want to put pressure on her, but I’m really hoping for milk.

The very beginning is a little fuzzy now, but somehow I convinced my girlfriend to take me in her lap and let me suckle her breasts. That was about two years ago. We live apart, so only have the opportunity to nurse on the weekends. Our evenings often begin with her taking my head in her lap, opening her blouse, and using the nursing bra I gave her for its intended purpose. I’ll suckle each breast for about five minutes, usually she’ll let me have two sets, sometimes three! We nurse most mornings we’re together, and often at bedtime as well. The afternoon nursing is the best, though.

J (my nursing partner) is my age, post-menopause and never lactated. She is on estrogen replacement, but her doctor wants her to stop due to cancer risks. She is concerned about her libido diminishing, but I tell her nursing will take care of that!


Nothing, not even sex, can replace the intimacy that I share with my wife, K, while we’re nursing. I have learned something about myself from the experience. If forced to choose, I would pick intimacy every time.


I always loved my wife, Dee, but now I cherish her.


I felt a deep desire and curiosity to experience this for a long time…..don’t know if i’m the only one, or a few
special ones feeling this way.
Nobody around me talks about this, making it even
uncomfortable to initiate a conversation about this. I crave to experience the softness and fullness of a woman’s breasts. It feels so magical and soothing…
I’m curious and craving to taste breast milk…
For me, its like receiving a woman’s love in the physical form…its literally a woman’s essence. Its a very special gift to have, when a woman lovingly
gives you her essence and love in the form of her
milk….I like breastfeeding to be full of hugs, cuddles and Lots
of love.
Really wanna play, suckle, kiss, bounce, squirt, squeeze, gently bite, massage them to my heart’s content. Being offered a pair of breasts is so special to me ..It makes me loosen up and be a playful kid again…. I like to be playful with breasts…making them into
art….e.g painting them..or using them to make art..
More importantly..i want to experience the deep
maternal bonding that breastfeeding gives…i feel its a very special bond like no other, giving so much of relaxation and fulfilment….I lack words to describe this experience.
I’m eager to experience my 1st lactating breasts. I’mlonging for a beautiful motherly woman to unconditionally offer me her breasts, and both of us to experience the deep bonding that breastfeeding gives. I know it will be a win win situation….it will be a special bond that fulfills the giver and receiver.
I am happily married, a father to three breastfed kids. When my wife was breastfeeding #1 and #2, I never thought it would end. I never thought hebreasts would belong to me again. But something changed when #3 came along.
I realized that I wanted to be breastfed, too.
When I told my wife how I felt, she was surprised. And reluctant to let me try. She said the idea of nursing me made her uncomfortable. But after several weeks had gone by, weeks that I spent pursuing the issue, she finally relented. She allowed me to nurse from her. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever felt in my life.
Unfortunately, my wife did not feel the same way. As wonderful as she was to let me try, I knew that she just didn’t enjoy it. And that I would never have the opportunity to nurse
It has been five years since she nursed me, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I will never forget that night. I hope that someday there will be another night like
Nursing means a great deal to my wife and I for many reasons.
The journey to full lactation represented a great partnership between both of us which only worked to strengthen our connected-ness.
We learned a lot in the process, all about hormones,
herbs, medicines, breasts, lactation, bonding, how to
suck, the list is endless.
Along the way I was privileged to see the exciting transformation of my wife’s body from
beautiful to even more beautiful with all the sexy curves that comes with the lactation
My wife fulfilled a lifelong dream of nurturing – despite not being able to have children, she is now able to enjoy some of the euphoria of motherhood with me as her big baby.
We shared those exciting moments when the first few drops of milk glistened on her nipples. All of these things have brought us even closer together and that’s the biggest accomplishment of all.
MR. S:
My wife is the Loving Milk Maid.
There is nothing more feminine than her breasts, especially when they are lactating. To me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
She is an amazing wife and mother, my best friend and helpmate. She is a gift from God. I thank Him for her every day.
I am the luckiest man in the world to be able to nurse from her breasts. I love the way she touches me and strokes my hair, the way her skin feels, the way her heart sounds. There is no place I’d rather be than in her arms…and on her breast.
She has taught me so much about love and generosity. She makes me feel like a man of value and self-worth. She keeps me centered and grounded. She is my favorite person in the entire world. And I love her.
Nursing has connected us. It has strengthened what was already strong, improved what was already great. I can’t imagine my life without it.
Or without her.

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