Guest Post, WH: What Adult Nursing Means to Me (A Man’s Perspective)

Because the adult nursing experience is viewed in so many ways, it is always wonderful to read letters from people who take the time to share their thoughts on the lifestyle–like the one I recently received from a 57-year-old man named WH. I was deeply moved by his appreciation of the female form. Here is what adult nursing means to him:


I have been interested in breastfeeding for decades, but have never had the opportunity to indulge. I am a professional guy with 1 degree in the arts and 2 in the sciences. I am not married (but have had a number of long term loving -and some not so loving haha – relationships) nor have I any children, but I have a healthy social life with a lot of my friends being women. Though we are a close bunch, often talking about personal issues, including sex life, etc., I would never dare bring up the subject of ANR because of the stigma attached to it. I have been reading some of these sites and think this one [Bountiful Fruits] offers lots of support around the issue.

I have always been deeply interested in breasts and during sex I would spend a long time massaging and suckling, always somewhat disappointed that the end result of suckling produced no milk. It is only a few months ago that I found out that lactation can be induced without pregnancy. This was music to my ears, and when I found your website, I thought that this was head and shoulders above those nasty sites that debased such a beautiful experience.

For me, breasts are the most beautiful part of the human body, no matter the age or condition. To feed from a breast would be an utterly incredible and intimate experience. Breasts nurture life and in this instance, can nurture intimacy between two adults.

I would love to meet a woman who is prepared to enter into such a relationship but the only condition would be that lactation occurs without any steroids.