Geranium Oil (To Enhance the Breasts and Aid in Lactation)

Known for its spicy and powerful fragrance, which is often described as a combination of herbaceous green and dry sweet floral, this essential oil, extracted and steam distilled from the leaves and other whole-plant parts of some varieties of the common geraniun, has been used since ancient Egyptian times for its therapeutic and beautifying properties; geranium is still commonly found in many cosmetics and perfumes today, and because it balances hormones, regulates hormone secretion, and promotes the development of the breasts, geranium oil is useful in both natural breast enhancement and lactation inducing and/or re-lactation when used either alone or blended with other beneficial oils in enhancement blends during breast massage. Geranium oil improves the health and overall appearance of the skin and hair, alleviates the symptoms of menopause, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and is believed to lower blood pressure and improve dental health. Along with all of these wonderful benefits, geranium oil is often used to heal internal medical conditions, tone the muscles, fight infections, and ease stress and anxiety. Two well-known brands are doTERRA and Young Living.

Is Geranium Oil Safe?

Generally speaking, yes. Geranium oil is non-toxic, and while it is typically classified as a “non-irritant”, some people with extremely sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation or develop a rash after applying geranium oil as a topical. It is advised that you add 2-3 drops of geranium to a carrier, or base, oil, such as Sweet almond, coconut, jojoba, or olive, to lessen the risk of experiencing this skin sensitivity. People with cardiovascular conditions, who may be prone to heart attack or stroke should consult a qualified medical professional before using geranium oil.

Can Geranium Oil Be Taken Internally?

Although it can be taken orally, this method of using geranium oil for its therapeutic prooerties is not always recommended unless under the supervision of a physician. When taken internally, 1-2 drops of geranium oil should be carefully diluted in at least four ounces of liquid. Basically, it is a better idea to simply use this essential oil as an external topical. Massage, such as the Chi techniquewill help to evenly and effectively distribute it throughout the breasts.

Pure geranium essential oil ranges in price from approximately $36.00 to $55.00 per half-ounce, but a less expensive alternative can be purchased from Now Foods, or you might want to make your own DIY variety by following this simple guide.



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