February Articles

Blog Posts:

How to Open an Adult Nursing Relationship (in One Simple Step)

How Mr. S and the Loving Milk Maid Learned to Nurse (and How You Can, Too)

Two Common (and Important) Suckling Phases Used to Aid in Lactation

ANR Love Notes: Eight Pink Roses

Steps to Inducing Success

Q & A With LMM:

Find out how I learned about ANR and lactation and whether Goat’s Rue can help to aid in lactation by CLICKING HERE.

The Nursing Diary:

Little can impede a beautiful ANR. Read Blogging from Bed to learn how I coped with an illness and nursing.

Guest Post:

How ANR Strengthened Our Marriage: You can read Michelle’s story here.

Explore the World of ANR:

Here is an in-depth look at an alternative lifestyle dating site that adult nursers may find helpful.

LMM’s Favorite Posts:

Now archived, these three throwback classics from 2016 made my “favorite list”:

Secret Revealed (A woman accidentally shared a little too much personal information at a dinner party)

Milk Hoarding! (Understanding the Supply and Demand of Lactation)

The Art of Suckling: Coping with Jaw Fatigue and Gaining Suckling Stamina (Tips and advice for the nursing partner)

Contests and Giveaways:

We chose a winner of LMM’s Favorite Things #2: Winner’s Choice, and gave away one copy of Love’s Sweet Embrace during our Month of Love Mini Giveaway.

You can read about our newest contest, which features a Spectra USA double electric breast pump, by CLICKING HERE.


In February, we asked the question, “How Often Do You Nurse Per Week?” You can read the results here. Be sure to vote in our newest poll!


A new interactive weekly group discussion feature has been added to our forum. Listed below are the topics we discussed in February:

2/6/17: Open General Discussion

2/13/17: Lactogenic Herbs and Women’s Health Issues

2/27/17: Steps to Nursing Success and Personal Stories


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