Dear Loving Milk Maid: Should I Tell My Wife That I Want To Nurse?

Dear Loving Milk Maid,

I am a 39-year-old happily married man with five daughters. I first heard about you on the Free Sex Podcast and was very encouraged about this topic and how you lovingly presented it. I was first introduced to this sort of relationship after our fourth daughter was born and my wife began to lactate during intercourse. I was a bit shocked at first, but really began to enjoy it. It has been a year and a half, and since then, my wife has told me that breastfeeding is for nurturing our children only. I just feel completely bonded with her when I had the chance to suckle just a little bit.

I really want to express my feelings to her, but fear she will turn me away. I have written an unsent email to her, explaining how I feel. We are both Christians, and we are solely dedicated to one another, but I believe this would totally enhance our love and bonding. I can’t stop thinking about all of the wonderful benefits and how close this would bring us together. We have a wonderful relationship and I just want to be closer to her. I enjoy every aspect of her, and want to respect her in every way.

Thanks for reading, and any advice would be a wonderful honor.

Longing for a deeper and closer connection to our spouse is a very natural desire that stems from the love we feel for them, and there really is nothing more intimate than adult nursing; it’s a completely giving and selfless practice that helps to rekindle our emotions and strengthen our foundation relationship. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that everyone enjoys, and while we can’t “make” our spouse indulge in this beautiful experience, we can encourage them to try it. In any healthy relationship, both partner’s feelings, desires, and needs are equally important, and truly listening to our spouse and doing our best to really understand what he or she needs from us can lead to something quite beautiful and unexpected.

Openly expressing a desire to nurse is one of the most difficult parts of opening a loving ANR. It’s often the fear of rejection and our spouse’s response to such an uncommon request that holds us back from sharing our feelings, but it really is a very big part of the lifestyle…it’s the first step in sharing such a rewarding connection. No matter how your wife responds, you should send the email to her.

I would then follow that up with a private, uninterrupted discussion about your feelings and the lifestyle. Communication is crucial. Ask her to listen to you, and agree to listen to her perspective, too. Sometimes, just talking about nursing is very beneficial, and learning to find a middle ground that you’re both comfortable with can lead to occasional suckling sessions that may be just enough to satisfy your desire.

As a Christian couple, you should read the Bible together. There are so many beautiful verses on the adoration of the female breast, nursing, and the joy that God shares with us when we connect intimately as husband and wife. Pray together, too. This may help your wife to feel more at ease, and help her to better understand that there is no shame in nursing, pleasing her husband, or being pleased by hm. It’s a beautiful part of marriage–and one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given!

You can also encourage her to listen to the Free Sex Podcast with you. Spend some time reading through adult nursing information together, as a couple, and then share your thoughts and feelings with one another. If you choose to join an ANR community, select one that is compatible with your lifestyle choice and coincides with your personal views. And, of course, if you and your wife have any questions or concerns, remember that I’m only an email away!

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Your wife is fortunate to have a husband who loves and respects her so deeply, and I’m sure she is a blessing in your life, too!

I hope this helps! I wish you all the best!


Loving Milk Maid


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