Comfort for the Nursing Woman

The nursing woman’s comfort is very important during the suckling experience. Not only is it soothing, feeling comfortable will help you to relax, which greatly helps with the let-down reflex, which much be triggered before active milk flow can begin.

Why else is your comfort so important? Once your partner is properly latched and has begun suckling, you’re going to be “assuming the position” for a minimum of 20 minutes (and possibly longer) per breast, so staying comfortable will relieve any post-nursing shoulder and neck tension or strain and any other general discomfort.

And, not to mention the fact that you deserve to be pampered. 🙂

When first learning to nurse, many women find it easier to do so in an upright sitting position. This can be done in bed; just be sure to have plenty of pillows available. You can place one behind your shoulders or lower back, or use one to elevate your legs slightly, which will make latching easier for your partner. Placing pillows across your lap will help to support his weight as well as the weight of your breast, and make your breast much more accessible to him, too.

If you feel that clothes feel cumbersome, or seem to get in the way, consider nursing nude from the waist up, or even completely naked. Both provide a fabulous amount of intimate skin to skin contact that not only feels very nice, but can aid in a more successful suckling session, thanks to the magic of that wonderful cuddle chemical known as oxytocin.

Adjust the room’s lighting and temperature to your liking, and consider keeping a blanket nearby in case you begin to feel chilly. (You probably won’t, thanks to all of that beautiful combined body heat, but it never hurts to be prepared.)

Bring a glass of water with you in case you get thirsty, so you won’t have to interrupt your nursing session.

If you begin to feel uncomfortable, let your partner know. Change positions, and then help him re-latch before he begins to suckle once more.

Your comfort is important! Take care of you, and enjoy every moment of the beautiful relationship you share with the person you love.



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