Building a Garden of Memories

Before going out of town, Mr. S and I took a stroll through our back yard, and I mentioned to him that I wanted to add to my rose garden this year. With so much to do to prepare for traveling out of state, I didn’t give the conversation much more thought, but he certainly had.

Yesterday morning, I found a beautiful card waiting for me on the breakfast table:

And it had been placed next to a beautiful miniature ruby red rose bush.

Truly, my love couldn’t have given me anything more perfect for Mother’s Day.

“You remembered that I want to add to my rose garden,” I said. “That was so thoughtful. Thank you. I love it.”

“These roses reminded me a lot of you–and of us–when I saw them,” he said. “They’re beautiful. They weather storms and come back every year…and they’re deep-rooted, like our love. That’s why I picked them.”

“Oh, my,” I said. “For a man of little words, you certainly always know just what to say.”

He smiled at me and said, “I thought of that all on my own, too.”

Of course, he made me laugh.

And it was wonderful.

After so many years together, this man still makes my heart skip a beat.

Later in the week, Mr. S will join me in my garden and dig a hole perfect for planting. My beautiful Mother’s Day roses will take a place of honor among the other roses–and I will never forget how special they–or he–made me feel on a bright May morning with golden sunshine spilling through the kitchen windows and the song of birds filling the air. We have decided that we will plant a new rose bush to commemorate the special moments in our life, and over time, we will build a garden of memories that we can re-visit through the years.

I suppose in some ways, we have been doing this all along, over the 17 years of our life together, building a garden of memories, where we collect moments and milestones like the rarest of flowers. And there is no one in this world I would rather garden with than my Mr. S.

To all of the wives and mothers who spend their days lovingly tending to their families and building their own garden of memories, I hope you had a very special Mother’s Day.

Warm wishes to you all!



  1. Hugh says:

    What a brilliant man you have! He is a superstar. Beautiful story. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. 😊

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