Bountiful Fruits Guest Post: What Adult Nursing Means to Me (RG’s Story)

Sharing our thoughts, feelings, and opinions on adult nursing is an important part of advocating for–and educating others on–this beautiful and unique lifestyle choice. It sheds a light of normalcy on the experience, helping to erase stereotypes, misconceptions, uncertainty, and anxiety. It’s how we show others that this can be just another wonderful, natural, and healthy facet of an otherwise traditional relationship–and that it is okay.

Having the opportunity to talk openly about our feelings in a discreet and private manner without fear of disdain or judgment can also be very liberating and therapeutic. For many couples, the journey into the world of adult nursing is a joyful one, but they often find there’s no one to share this newfound happiness with. Providing others with an outlet to express their innermost desires and emotions has made me one happy milk maid, and I welcome and encourage guest posts, and thank you for sharing your stories! We never know whose life we’ve changed with just a few simple words!

We’re going to start the New Year off right with our first guest post of 2018, submitted by a 30-year-old married man named RG, who has nursed in the past and is currently involved in an ANR, and shared what the lifestyle means to him. It’s a powerful and moving account, and I know other men in similar situations will be able to relate to RG’s story.

Warm wishes to you!



ANR means quite a lot to me. During the times my wife allows me to nurse I feel at ease, comfortable, better than I do most days.

I am a combat veteran who deals with PTSD and arthritis among other things. I have found after nursing I am not irritable and my pain levels significantly diminish to no pain or close.

Not only that, I feel so much closer to my wife. I adore her and me nursing from her allows me to show my deep appreciation to her and how much I love who she is as my wife. I think of it as a way to honor her and the selfless things she does. I only wish that it was more a part of our lives.

In closing, nursing is a time of honoring my wife, loving her, showing my deep appreciation for her and her body, and the most natural form of healing ever for my mind and body.

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