Tips to Successful Breast Massage for the Buxom and Amply Endowed

There are a lot of challenges associated with being a large-breasted woman–seat belts, for instance, come to mind…button-front blouses (haha)…lacy demi bras…the list goes on and on (and on and on). Over the years, I’ve learned to make a lot of necessary adjustments to my everyday life (not to mention my wardrobe), and I’ve been pretty successful, but until I […]

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A Journey of Devotion: Applesmilk’s ANR Story

It never fails to amaze me how richly Bountiful Fruits has blessed my life, and just when I think things could not possibly be more wonderful, I receive an email from a reader or community member that touches me deeply, reminding me all over again how beautiful my life truly is, such as the one from Applesmilk, a 51-year-old man […]

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Building a Garden of Memories

Before going out of town, Mr. S and I took a stroll through our back yard, and I mentioned to him that I wanted to add to my rose garden this year. With so much to do to prepare for traveling out of state, I didn’t give the conversation much more thought, but he certainly had. Yesterday morning, I found […]

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