The Cost of Inducing Lactation

Electric breast pump. $130.00. Nursing bra. $30.00. Finally producing breast milk? Priceless. (I better stop. I’m starting to sound like that old MasterCard ad campaign, aren’t I?) Although I’ve always understood (and welcomed) the physical and emotional “pay-offs” provided by a dedicated adult nursing relationship, I’d really never stopped to consider the cost involved in inducing lactation, until I shared an email […]

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Adult Nursing Concerns: Air Travel

Mr. S, the children, and I are planning an out-of-state trip, and for the most part, this is an exciting adventure, but, even as the anticipation builds, I find myself facing a few very real nursing concerns. Over the past year I have learned to balance everyday life with non-maternal lactation; it really isn’t how to discreetly nurse or express or being […]

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