August ANR Articles on Bountiful Fruits


Happy September! As we head into autumn, we have a lot of exciting things planned for Bountiful Fruits and my sister site, Vintage Rose Natural Nursing. Here’s what happened on Bountiful Fruits in August. You can read the articles by clicking the links below.

Blog Posts:

Health Matters: Nursing with Thyroid Disease, Part II (Hyperthyroidism)

Loving Milk Maid’s Thoughts on Lactation: Direction Vs. Speed

The Nursing Diary:

Another week came (and went) in my journey as a nursing wife. You can read my diary entry by clicking HERE.

Loving Milk Maid’s Favorite Retro Post:

As Mr. S and I prepared to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, I took a stroll down memory lane in An Adult Nursing Relationship Love Story: The 15th Year.

Dear Loving Milk Maid:

Should I Tell My Wife That I Want to Nurse?

Can Adult Nursing Help Veterans Cope With The Rough Days?

My Complete Lactation Journey:

A detailed month-by-month account of my lactation journey will be shared on our ANR forum. You can read more about this new post series by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Bountiful Fruits ANR Chat Forum:

On August 14, we resumed our Monday night chats on our forum, and we’ll return on September 11, 2017 for more adult breastfeeding discussions, Q & A, and fun.

Contests and Giveaways:

We selected the winner of our LMM’s Favorite Things Giveaway #4, and launched our NEWEST CONTEST.



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