“What MOST Hinders your Ability to Openly Discuss your ANR?”: April Poll Results

Because the nursing lifestyle is misunderstood (and often harshly judged), many couples find it necessary to hide their relationship from others. Although many factors may play a role in this need for privacy, in April, I asked others to share what most influences theirs.

Of the 35 unique votes received, 37% of people stated that they were concerned that their personal lifestyle choice would negatively affect their relationships with family and friends; this tied with the 37% of people who did not discuss their private lifestyle choice simply because it was too personal to discuss. 11% of people admitted that they were concerned that their ability to properly parent would be questioned, and 14% voted that they were concerned that their career or standing in their community would be negatively affected.

Thank you to all who voted, and for your continued support of our ANR community!


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