An Adult Nursing Dating Site (With Photo Tutorial and Review)

I’m often asked if I know of any online dating sites geared specifically toward adult nursers. After doing some research on the subject, I finally uncovered one. This site is called Kwink, and while it isn’t just for ANR enthusiasts, there is an entire community set aside just for them.

Mr. S and I decided to visit Kwink to learn a little more about the site so I could offer readers an honest look at this particular alternative lifestyle community, and what I found was a 100% free, ad-free, streamlined, and user friendly site that was very easy to navigate. Setting up an account was fast and simple; I didn’t even have to leave the site to verify my registration through email (although I did receive a welcome message a bit later). This means you can begin viewing potential matches within minutes.

At the end of this post, I’ll share a few final thoughts on Kwink and include a link to the site. For now, here’s what you can expect if you choose to visit the community.

When visiting Kwink, you will begin here by finding your community. You’ll need to type ABF into the search bar because ANR/ABR are not recognized terms.






You’ll be taken to the next page where you can select which specific nursing kwink you are looking for:

Once you make your selection and click continue, you’ll be asked to fill out the following information:

And then you’ll be asked to share a little more about yourself. All of these fields are required.

You’ll then be able to fill in your location and let others know who you’re looking for.

Once you’ve submitted your basic info, you’ll be asked to create a nickname, include a catchphrase, and fill out a brief biography. Again, all fields are required. Once you are logged into your new account, you’ll be able to share more details about your personal interests and likes.

After submitting this form, you will have the opportunity to share a few photos. This is not required, but if you choose to remain “photo-free”, the site will give you a few not-so-subtle reminders that you’ve not yet uploaded pictures. 😉

That’s really all there is to it! Once you click on the find my match button, you’ll be shown a list of potential partners. (Probably pages of them, as a matter of fact. The list is a lot more inclusive than what the photo below shows. I did some editing to preserve others’ privacy. Oh, and see what I mean about the not-so-subtle photo reminders?)

Just a quick note: the message center is quite streamlined and user-friendly, too! (And that’s a great thing, right, since you’ll probably want to start meeting people right away!)

  • Where to view new messages
  • How to send new messages

Here are my final thoughts:

  1. This site is probably not going to be for everyone. There is a broad spectrum of adult nursers within the community, and not all of them will be looking for what you are looking for, and, of course, not all will be a “perfect match”.
  2. The site doesn’t really allow you to include a great deal of specifics regarding what you are looking for in a compatible partner. This may be a bit time consuming because you’ll have to read through a lot of profiles to find a match. Unfortunately, the site seems to believe that everyone who enjoys adult breastfeeding shares the same philosophies and ideals about the lifestyle. Basically, you’ll be matched up with anyone who has chosen “ABF” as their “kwink”–even if you view ANR very differently.
  3.  Even though I filled out my location, I was shown matches living throughout the United States (some nearly 3,000 miles away) and in two different countries. The site doesn’t do a great deal of vetting on the user’s behalf, but you can sort your matches by distance. This is helpful, but it does narrow your potential matches down significantly.

So, with those incidentals out of the way,all in all, what do I think of this site?

I really like it. Aside from the fact that it is affordable (you can’t get any more economical than free! :)), streamlined and efficient, Kwink has an overall aura of discretion and comfort. It is extremely low-key and private, which I found very nice. If I were single and looking for a nursing partner, I would give this site a try. You never know what can happen! Overall, I would consider Kwink to be more of an “alternative lifestyle” community rather than a fetish community.

The Loving Milk Maid’s Rating : 4 out of 5 stars 🙂

Click the image below to visit the site:



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