About LMM and Mr. S

Like many others who enjoy a healthy adult nursing relationship, Mr. S and I stumbled onto ANR quite by happy accident, just after the birth of our first child, when I was an exclusively breastfeeding mother. From the first moment I took my husband to my breast, we both realized that suckling was something we both enjoyed, and began to indulge in the beautiful practice of adult nursing, as a way to connect and bond as a happily married couple, quite unaware that there were others out there, people like us, who understood and appreciated such an exquisitely unique–and often misunderstood–lifestyle choice.

After many years of nursing, and just after the birth of our third child seven years ago, I began to wonder if we were alone in our desire. Nursing was certainly not a topic discussed, even in our closet circles, and my curiosity led me to the magic of the internet in hopes of finding the answers I sought.

Unfortunately, what I found was just a small amount of scattered information, a bit of fetish-y snippets, and a lot of pornography–and none of it fit the lifestyle that I shared with my husband, or provided what I was looking for. So, I closed the computer and returned to the nursing experience that I knew and loved.

Many years later, it was that lack of real (and much-needed) information that led me to begin blogging about my own experience as a nursing wife of 15 years, and the beautiful opportunity has allowed me the privilege of meeting many wonderful new people–and led to this site, Bountiful Fruits, where you find yourself now.

May you travel smoothly along life’s journey, and find all that you seek.


The Loving Milk Maid (and Mr. S)



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