Bountiful Fruits is a warm and welcoming place for readers to learn more about the exquisite world of the Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR).

Your guide along these less traversed paths is the Loving Milk Maid whose journey into the world of a loving long-term ANR with her husband, Mr. S, has led to the greater understanding of intimacy, bonding, commitment, and passion upon higher planes.

The Loving Milk Maid, an ANR enthusiast and lifestyle advocate, offers support, encouragement, and education to those who wish to embark upon–or are simply curious about–this very personal journey.

With each article, readers will find tips and advice on breastfeeding, lactation, intimacy, love, romance, relationships, and sex while sharing one woman’s extraordinarily ordinary life.

As we continue to work to build a beautiful interactive site for you, we hope you’ll enjoy your time on Bountiful Fruits.

“Thank you so much for sharing Carolbrigid’s story! My husband and I are in our 60s, and have considered opening an ANR for quite some time. I thought it was silly until I found your website. We are going to begin our own journey now! You are just the calm and reassuring voice that many of us need! May God bless you and yours! D.”

“My wife was hesitant about nursing, but after purchasing your ebook [Love’s Sweet Embrace] and spending hours reading your blog, she has decided that she would like to begin dry nursing! Your site is the best, and I thank you for it, LMM!”! Ryan

“I have read all of your books and absolutely love them! They give me so much hope and comfort! Thank you!” E.R.

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